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10.8.2 Messages: iMessage sorting messed up

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by deadcantdance, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I'm now receiving iMessages on my MBP, which is very nice. But sometimes, messages in a conversation are displayed in wrong order. This happens, when I open a conversation and messages sent from my iPhone are synced on the MPB (which was off by the time I was sending the messages).

    Anyone else with this issue here?
  2. SandboxGeneral, Sep 20, 2012
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    That's been happening before 10.8.2. Has to do with the times they come in and whe the other devices are turned on looking for updates. I thought they'd have had that fixed by now. I assume they have the date and time stamped on each message and can sort them properly; but maybe not. I don't know.
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    I've had this problem ever since I installed the iMessages beta. Sometimes messages will appear in the wrong order on the computer than the correct order on the iPhone.

    Strange and very annoying.
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    Yes, sorting on iPhone or iPad is always correct, only on the MBP it's messed up.

    Will file a radar bug tomorrow. It's driving me crazy.
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    Same here. Sometimes messed up on my Mac, but my iDevices are always correct.
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    I'm having a similar issue. Today, on my iMac which was open all day, images that I sent last night reordered themselves to appear as the latest post. I rebooted iMessage and it reorganized in the proper order.

    I noticed that when you hover the cursor over text bubble or an image it displays a time stamp so that information is in there but maybe not following the text or images from the iphone back to the desktop when they aren't both on and open at the same time. Seems like that wouldn't be that hard to code it everything with a time stamp and align it from that.
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    Message.app on the Mac is full of problems for me as well.
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    Okay, filed a bug with Apple. Waiting now for a reply...
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    You probably will not get a reply. Just watch for a fix in a future update. I submitted a bug report regarding iMovie and never got a reply, but they did fix it in the next update.
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    My iDevices aren't - had a conversation on the iPhone, when they finally showed up on the iPad, all the ones I sent were grouped together and all the ones the other person sent were grouped together...
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    I concur. This has been happening since 10.8.0.
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    ya... the order of iMessage on mac is so messed up
    sometimes the latest message appears on the top lol...
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    jacked up here as well.

    no rhyme or reason where the new one coming in will land.:rolleyes:
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    I have this problem as well. However, if I open Messages, let it sit for a few seconds to download all messages, quit it, and then reopen it, the messages seem to be sorted in the correct order.

    I don't know if doing that causes problems, though. Even though I have my computer set to use my phone number as my iMessage "caller ID," yesterday it used one of the two email addresses associated with my account when sending a reply to a group. Since that's an address that none of my contacts knew of previously, it's not the case that someone had started messaging me at the email address, causing Messages to switch over to it. I'm wondering if opening Messages, quitting it, and then opening it again, all within a minute, causes the initial "caller ID" to time out at least briefly.
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    My Messages app won't even open anymore. Some internal error. Same with Facetime. What garbage. I even called Apple tech and they could not solve my problem.

    I checked the console log and something with a SQL DB failure for Messages.

    I am not doing a fresh reinstall of everything, although I probably should since the machine hasn't been freshly installed since I got it in t April 2008
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    Can confirm it, the same happened on iPad when I was replying to an iMessage from my Mac.

    Let's hope they fix it in 10.8.3 and iOS 6.1...
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    Any idea when that will be?
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    iOS 5.0.1 was released about a month after iOS 5.0. So I would assume 6.0.1 should be out in november. But I have no clue about 10.8.3.
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    It happens to me too. Just randomly screws order of messages. I've even deleted whole history and caches to make sure. grrrrrr!

    Did anybody reported problem to apple?
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    This has happened a few times with me, but I've found that if I quit Messages — by actually pressing command-Q, not by just closing the window — the messages are properly sorted the next time I open the app.
  22. mynameisjoe1, Dec 8, 2012
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    If it is messed up on the mac computer, go to terminal, and then type
    killall Messages

    this should work!
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    Same thing happens to me. Sometimes messages won't even show up on my mac, they haven't for some of my contacts the last couple of days, or I'll try to start send a message from the messages app on my mbp and it'll say that they're not registered with iMessage. It's so frustrating :mad:
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    It worked!

    Thank you! It worked :)
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    Who has the issue of iMessage saying every one of your contacts in the message list is Offline? No message for any contact, phone numbers only.

    I have done every fix known on the net for this, and it just reoccurs about once a month. I go to open, and it's as if it stops communicating with the server.

    All of my settings are 100% accurate.

    Anyone run into this, or know why it happens. ?

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