10" iPod real, maybe bigger? Look at this.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sijmen, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Remember Super Secret Apple Rumors with Steve? That was a while ago, and I almost forgot about it until I saw this in a Larry Norman vid:


    Check the bottom left. Looks pretty obvious to me.

    edit: Super Secret Apple Rumors with Steve
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    I'll be sure that I get my giant suitcase out to bring that one home from the store.
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    Eric Lewis

    thats a fake ipod

    its a wood board with
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    I'd hang it on my wall next to my bed.

    It would rock.
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    this thread is amusing and pointless at the same time.
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    I don't want a 10" iPod I believe the point of it was to be portable but now it will just be stupid. We all want smaller computers but bigger MP3 players, That makes no sense.
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    I'd use it as a bed.
    Rock muh dreamz.
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    .. a screen, and a black smudge that obviously sais 'MENU'. ;)
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    Apparently you didn't know this was a joke?
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    I don't think Straight When I'm tired.
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    Looks like a mat to me.
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    Why the capital "S"? (nudge-nudge) :) jk
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    Screw that. I want one of those huge iPhone displays that hang in the window of the Apple Store.
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    I agree, still it's what the net is there for....
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    10"? That's more like 48"
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    No, that's definitely a glossy...

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