10 questions for MacBook hacker Dino Dai Zovi

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    Link: 10 questions for MacBook hacker Dino Dai Zovi
    Description:: I caught up with security researcher Dino Dai Zovi to discuss his successful hijack of a MacBook Pro machine at last week's CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada. We talk about the specific vulnerability, the motivation for the attack, Apple's response and his plans around Mac OS X research.

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    Sounds like a very different experience than David Maynor and Jon Ellch had. Hmm...
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    That was quite an interesting read, Dino Dai Zovi comes across quite well. I think his skills could be put to good use probing OS X much harder to ensure the continued reputation of the OS.
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    Anyone know the details of how he did it? Like, what HTML code would be used to do that?
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    Yes :) Zovi and his partner know, the company they sold the details to knows, and Apple knows :) And that's as it should be until there's a patch.
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    Is an Intel mac easier to hack into than a PPC Mac? Is it because of this (from Wikipedia):
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    I don't believe any Mac exploits related to that have been found.
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    Very interesting reading. A very reasonable guy.

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