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100 Ways to Live Forever

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacFan25, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Thanks for the link -- it's a very interesting article. Will try to at least implement a few of them.
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    Sounds like this isn't a current events article if it shows someone how to live forever. But, then again, DNA changes, so maybe the article is current.

    All right, for those of you still reading through this page and not the article...you lazy asses. Let me see if I can tempt a couple of people to go there with this fact:

    21. Choose dark chocolate. Cocoa contains flavonoids that thin the blood and keep it from clotting (like it does just before you clutch your chest and expire). And at least a third of the fat in chocolate is oleic acid, which is the same healthy, monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. Dove dark chocolate bars retain as many flavonoids as possible.
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    Sounds like I need to alter my chocolate eating habits so my plan for world wide control, and everlasting life will be achieved. MuHAHAHAHA :eek: :D :p ;)
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    I'm already privy to that one. ;)

    Still, good article indeed. I love that magazine. :)
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    That is a good article MacFan25, thank you for posting the link. The majority I have already incorporated in some way or the other.
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    Surviving cancer 2 years ago, having emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder 4 weeks ago, kinda gave me a wake up call, especially when the cardiologist said he saw an abnormal EKG and I had to be tested before surgery (they didn't want me dying on the table) So this article helps a great deal. Thank for the post :p

    Way ahead of it ;)

    Been using honey in my coffee instead of sugar for as long as I can remember
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    I don't want to live forever. I don't want to be old and decrepit and lonely.
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    Yeah, who wants to live forever? I know I wouldn't.
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    I've never had honey in coffee, just tea. Does it give it a different sweet flavoring?

    btw...Ken Nordine is good stuff... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Honey is loaded with carbs though - if you're diabetic its really not much of an option.

    I don't really know if I like honey in coffee. Tea is fine.

    But I also eat it once in a while with peanut butter on some bread instead of jelly.

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    Neither do I. Hell, a few months ago I was ready to find a nice quiet place to lie down and wait to die. If the cancer comes back I think I will. I'll just ask the doctor for some opiate and prednisone and wait on the beach.
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    My mom's preferred method would be driving her old '68 Buick over a cliff into the sea...unfortunately they've long since had to get rid of that car.
    One of my favorite quotes: "Immortality is only for the gods. I wonder how they can stand it?" from Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart
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    Well, I wasn't proposing suicide. I just think that after about 100 years, I'd be done. Maybe I'd feel differently by then, but I doubt it. I'm just not going to do anything to speed up the process.
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    Living Forever

    I'm already going to live forever - or die trying.
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    It's not really the living forever that is the important information. What you should desire is a good quality of life in the future. Being able to be active and clear thinking.
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    I have always said that "Good" coffee should be drunk black. but when I think it's a bit bitter or just off I put about a half a teaspoon of honey in it and it smoothes of the bitterness. I don't like it sweet per say, just good tasting and smooth.

    Glad to se someone else recognize Ken, thought I was alone in the world.
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    Very interesting.

    I'd make a point 101. Throw away the article and read something about hte Hippocrates Diet (by Ann Wigmore), and follow that. And live forever.

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