101 Ways to Save the Internet

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 2, 2004.

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    i like number 80. finding nemo browser for kids!
    someone should make a safari mod:p
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    The best...

    1 Unleash vigilante justice on spammers
    8 Declare spammers are terrorists
    11 Larry Flynt, build a porn browser ;) :D
    23 Offer real RIAA amnesty
    46 Free the Beeb
    55 Block self-installing adware for good
    66 Shut down pedophile chat rooms
    68 Write to President Schwarzenegger
    86 Take over the MPAA, Keanu
    90 Death to fax machines
    93 Don't open it
    94 Tell Kelly on Geocities to take down her Macarena tribute page
    95 Protect yourself, dumbass

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    1 and 8 are also pretty good. does anyone have a link to the macarena tribute page?:p
    just for kicks.
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    Good stuff.
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    Build a .sex red-light district Icann, the committee that assigns top-level Internet domains, refuses to create an adult zone that can easily be kept from kids' eyes. Porn won't disappear, so deal with it.

    That's a damn good idea. It would make it way easier to just force everyone to put porn on .sex domains. That way it would be easy to filter for your kids. Just block .sex. If someone has a porn site on a .com for instance, then they are obviously only putting it there for underage kids, in which case call in the lawyers. Why have they not done this one yet?
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    Re: .Sex

    i guess, because our politicians still think Sex is dirrty. Sex is badd.
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    well, seeing as a lot of little kids (even 5 and 6 now) are starting to use the internet, blocking sites can be hard. with a .sex, it would be much easier to filter. also, the school wouldn't have to approve every single site it sees on the ocmputers.
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    I like .xxx better. That way you could easily assume that certain sex related sites wouldn't have to be included. For example, plant biology, breast cancer, sex education, etc. I have been promoting this idea for a long time.

    Actually, I think it would be even better if the xxx came at the beginning of each domain name in place of or in front of www Just tack on the xxx. in front of the names for all adult sites. That way domain names could be changed easier as a group and browsers and servers could quickly and easily identify adult domains.
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    i like the .xxx idea

    but the xxx instead of www would be tricky ... the xxx would then have to be like a subdomian ... just like the infamous ... mmm.beer.com was just a mmm. subdomain that forwarded to www.beer.com
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    Re: 101 Ways to Save the Internet

    Why is this in the "Humor" section? :(

    I read this yesterday (not HERE, duhhhhhh) I mean I was reading Wired magazine at Borders yesterday and saw this and most of the suggestions are good. The article was written to be serious.
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    Wow, this article had a lot of great ideas that I know will get shot down due to greed by CEO's.

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    re .sex

    I think it would have wind up being something more conservative. The governemnt is more likely to make a .adu than something that sounds dirty.
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    that's probably true. still, any way you name it, it will be good. filters will be easier to program, especially in schools that have st. bernard filters:rolleyes: .

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