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1080p Airplay (edit it works)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by eagandale4114, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. eagandale4114, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited: May 5, 2012

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    Can someone with ML and an ATV3 check if 1080p airplay streaming works?

    EDIT 1:
    For those of you just joining us a second generation i7 core processor + an ATV gen 3 + mountain lion DP3 = 1080p airplay
    (Credit: simen02)

    Edit 2:
    There might be a restriction preventing systems with dual core i7 chips (i.e. MBA) from outputting 1080p via airplay.
    Credit: bogatyr
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    Get a mini display port to HDMI cable and watch it on your big screen through your mac
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    Good question. I would like to know this too, but my old MBP can't do airplay mirroring. I wouldn't upgrade my MBP if it can't do 1080p airplay mirroring.


    What is the point of posting this nonsense in this thread?
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    I've been asking this question for days now. It's not even hard to tell if it's 1080p or 720p for those who have both a ML Mac and ATV3. As far as I know, they can just change the resolution to Apple TV's resolution and they'll discover if it is 1080p or not. :apple:

    Having a HDMI cable to the TV is soooo 2011, AirPlay is the future.:D
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    AirPlay has been on the scene since 2010 but limited only to Windows. And it streamed 1080p since day one (or two I am not sure but it was in 2010).

    Of course I am talking about WiDi which is an awesome, awesome thing. What put people off was the adapter they had to buy and hook up to television so it never gained traction but screen mirroring works like a charm. I am using it on my VAIO everyday. Intel just made a mistake for not forcing TV manufacturers to integrated them into their products.

    DLNA also works for me in 1080p as well, never had a problem with WMP and Sony HX929 but since I have WiDi i really don't use it that much.

    Now to all AppleTV people I want you to check out WD TV Live Hub it works wonders on Macs and I think its so much better than AppleTV. Playback codec support is unparalleled.
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    How helpful you have been...
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    What an epic fail of a thread. I'm actually interested in the question asked, whether or not airplay works at 1080p.
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    Me too. I'm looking to buy a 60" screen for our meeting room and am wondering about using an ATV and my laptop instead of a dedicated Mac mini.
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    Any help?
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    Bump. Still no one to test this? Maybe I should go buy a new mbp, test it, then return it (kidding).
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    Hey guys,

    Its my first time posting on this forum so bare with me.Answer to the question above. I have the late 2010 Macbook Pro I7 2.66 GHz and a apple tv 3g. Airplay Mirroring is not showing up in the display preferences, Although I can stream my 1080p movies through itunes. I hope that answers your question
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    That is home sharing not airplay mirroring. They are two different things. You would probably need a second gen i7 i.e. a 2011 sandy bridge mac for mirroring to work. Thanks for trying though. :)
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    I have 2011 imac and appletv3. If you set mirroring to match appletv3 the resolution drops to 720p on the iMac :(

    Lets hope they fix this in next beta version of mountain lion
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    Noooooooooooooooooooo :eek::eek::eek:

    Thanks for the reply. Btw, there should be a setting to have the screen resolution stay the same while you mirror a smaller resolution to the TV. I think...

    Can you try it again if you can get it working with the full resolution on your iMac? Maybe there's still some hope left. :eek:
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    We need more details. Dual core or quad core. i3, i5, or i7? Let's narrow things down a bit.
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    sorry if I let airplay (appletv 3) deside screen size the imac falls to 720p. the TV i use is samsung led 2011 model 55''. appletv is set to 1080p. The Imac is middle 2011(bought just 1 month ago) i5 2.5Ghz 12 gb ram with AMD Radeon HD 6750M
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    Are the iMac and TV connected to the network wired or wirelessly? And what is the speed of the connection?
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    since the iPad 3 + apple tv 3 combo is limited to 720p, I'm not surprised by that :(
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    the appletv is wired and the Imac is wired with cat6
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    Thx for checking on this!
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    Well, not quite. Screen mirroring is limited to 720p, but video playback is 1080p. I guess it's a limitation of the TV-- with a video, it knows what to buffer and can therefore buffer the extra data without issue, but it can't buffer a screen mirror (there's no way of knowing what the user will do next, and buffering extra data for every possible user interaction just isn't feasible; it's easier just to stream. And network bandwidth in most cases isn't sufficient to stream 1080p smoothly, only 720p). That's too bad.
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    yeah that was basically my point... sorry for not explaining it in details. :D
    also I think apple is playing "safe" here: even if there are some networs configurations that could technically support fluid 1080p streaming, the cut the feature off to avoid complains from users :)
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    I can know give you new information in DP3 you can stream 1080P to the appletv 3. It works fine, and the screen on my imac 21.5 " stays on 1080p even if i left appletv 3 decide the resolution.:)
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    Great news! Thanks for reporting it.
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    Thanks as well. It might be worth my time to pick up an Apple TV if I can eliminate the thunderbolt to HDMI part when I want to watch hulu desktop.

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