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11.6" MBA Screen Returns?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iRun26.2, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. iRun26.2, Jan 21, 2011
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    I've noticed that the backlight on the screen of my 11.6" MBA is a little darker near the bottom. I probably could live with it... but it kind of bothers me since I spent a lot of money for my MBA (and I am a perfectionist). Has anyone had a similar problem and exchanged their MBA for a new one?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have noticed what looks like a drop shadow at the bottom of my screen. Doesn't bother me much. I had a 13" MBA (late 2010) which also even darker on the bottom and it did tend to bother me.
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    It´s called TN panel.
  4. iRun26.2, Jan 22, 2011
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    What does that mean? I know that it isn't as good as the iPhone 4 screen but it does seem to be better than the one in the old MBA...

    I want to know: Do other people also see that it gets darker on the bottom edge of their 11.6" MBA? (Is mine different or am I just being too picky???)
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    For what it's worth, I do not notice any variation in the backlight on my 13" Rev D MacBook Air.
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    It may be that the screen on the 13.3" version is better (although I'm sure that the screen on my 11.6" MBA is better than my 13.3" Rev. A. MBA...
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    I wrote a little thread on this issue as well... to fully see the issue put a 1366x768 image of just the color black on full screen and look at the edges. This is a pretty common issue.
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    Honestly, although I know it can be bothersome to a perfectionist, if that's the only problem with your screen, then you are in good company. I've seen some pretty awful screens on Apple's laptops, and this MBA screen, while being slightly less bright in the bottom couple of millimeters, is one of the nicest and most evenly backlit screens I've used.
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    I'm sorry for seeming to be not be very resourceful...but how can one easily get the display to show a full black screen?

    I really think I may want to create a poll for this issue. Very few people have responded. I was hoping to hear many responses that say either: 1) "No! My screen is perfectly bright over the whole display area", or 2) "My screen is that way too, but it is just fine with me. Get I over it!".
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    Lone Deranger

    No LCD based display will ever be perfectly even top to bottom, left to right. Not even the highly advanced panels from Eizo or Barco costing $4000+ that are many times fatter than the one you have in your MBA. So please don't hold your breath.

    I find the screen in my 11.6" MBA to be very good indeed, considering how thin it is. If I go looking for faults, I too notice a slight darkening at the bottom 1 centimeter or so. But it most certainly does not even threaten to impact the work I do on it. So I'm contend. :)
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    Thank you for your response! I wish more people would just take a quick look at their 11.6" screen, like you did, and stare what they say what they see at the bottom of the display.

    I do
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    My screen has a very, very faint "drop shadow" along all the edges if I set my screen to white. It doesn't really bother me, though because it's a fairly uncommon use case, and more importantly, the display is way nicer than most Apple notebook displays I've used.

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