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11.6": Where do you place your dock?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by daonesteven, Sep 4, 2012.

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    I've been so undecided about where to place the damn dock. I would prefer to have it visible and on the bottom, but with the screen as small as it is, I also want to try to maximize the size of my windows, especially the vertical size.

    Where do you guys place the dock?
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    Right hand side for me. I've fiddled with it down in the corner as well, but use Alfred these days for most things, so I rarely see it.
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    I keep them on the left for all macs. Why? Windows start button is on the left too.
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    I have had the same kind of problem in the past. But for a couple months now I've been keeping the dock hidden on the left side. There's more space that way. When I put the dock visible on the bottom it looks very weird to me, because all the windows seem squished.
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    When I first got mine I had it on the bottom but now I have it on the left side. I don't like to have it hidden so it's always there. If you feel it's weird on the left don't worry about that you'll get used to it eventually and it gives you more vertical space which you need more than horizontal space.
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    Left side, hidden. Like ubuntu's dock.
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    Hidden on the bottom. Everything else just doesn't make sense. :p
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    Bottom, hidden. With safari open it feels like I have more usable space than I should have for a 11.6" display.
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    Bottom and visible. I use most applications in full screen mode so the dock doesn't worry me. Easy enough to swipe with 4 fingers left or right to get to the application I want, and a four finger pinch (well three fingers and thumb) to bring up launchpad is rather simple ...
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    I keep it on the bottom, very small with high magnification.

    On my next MBA (delivering soon!). I am going to try to remove the dock completely and rely on on swiping to open up launchpad.
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    I don't know anyone who uses launchpad.

    I keep the dock on the left. I need all the vertical space I can get.

    I never browse the web with Safari at the full width of the screen, but I hide the dock so I can have 2 terminal windows side-by-side. If I'm going to start a program I just hit Command-Space to open Spotlight then type the first 2-3 letters of the program I want.
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    I have it hidden on the left, and I got so used to it I put the taskbar in the same place on my work Vista machine. Microsoft obviously thought it was a good place for it too, because on the left and hidden is where the task switcher is in 8...
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    bottom, hidden, no problem!
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    bottom, not hidden, Im use to it now!
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    Took me a while to get used to Spotlight, but I looovvveee it now, lol.

    CMD-Space is my friend. :p

    My Air is my second Mac ever, not counting my IIe. Only been a Mac user for slightly less than 6 months.
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    Bottom at it's largest. It's perfect, not distracting actually. Except when I'm color correcting in Final Cut Pro X, or doing Motion Graphics with Apple Motion, and rendering on After Effects. Everything else, it's perfect.

    I have a strong feeling that this won't end well.
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    this should have been a poll:cool:
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    You do now?

    Why? I use it all the time with my trackpad on my iMac. It won't be any different except this time I will be eliminating the dock completely (don't have to on my iMac since there is very little risk of hitting it accidentally).

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