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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MOROCman, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Hi just wanted to no if anyone had bought the MacBook air 11"inch bas model with 2gb ram and 64gb?? If so how are you finding it? Is the memory enough for someone who uses it for college work and a few songs?? Is the ram fats enough do you think for the future lion update???

    Plz let me yr experiences with it! Thanks
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    I have one and I'm finding it fine with 2GB. A lot of people on here who have not used it seem to insist 4GB is necessary but I've found that not to be the case. I'm using both OS X and Windows 7, it runs fast in both, I'd put this down to the SSD which ensures rapid launch times and good response times in applications. No regrets whasoever going for this model. The reviews are all saying the same thing:


    I love this quote, it really sums it up:
    Holy Mackerel this thing is fast! 46 tabs in Safari and 21 in Chrome; 18 open applications, including hogs like Safari, Mail and iTunes.

    No spinning beachballs!

    There’s no slowdown whatsoever. It’s amazing. This thing flies. It’s the $999 11-inch MacBook with only 2GBytes of RAM — the machine people said would be underpowered. But it’s not. Not by a long shot.

    It’s the fastest laptop I’ve used in years, and Apple is going to sell boatloads of them. It’s very exciting.
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    I think it's fine for everything you listed and I doubt we'll see much of a problem while running Lion.
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    I don't think Apple would be annoucning a new laptop and a new operating system on the same day, with the inability of the new laptop to properly run the new operating system. I think Lion will be fine on 2GB of RAM but that will be the bare minimum requirement. I also think Lion will be 64-bit EFI only, which all of the MBA models have.
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    Has anyone verified how much space remains after 10.6 and iLife are installed? 50GB? more?

    How about after win7 w/ bootcamp?
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    Ok thanks for all your replies yh that's a good point how much memory are you actually left with after iLife on th 64gb model? Could someone let me no
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    Ive heard 49.8, so yeah, basically 50.
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    I have the 11.6" MBA 2GB of RAM, but with 128GB of space instead of the standard 64GB.
    This thing absolutely flies. This blows any laptop I have ever had out of the water, I can't believe it. You definitely won't have any problems with e-mail/surfing the web, etc.
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    I have the 1.6 with 4GB. The cpu cannot handle flash. On Hulu, the video freezes every 5 - 10 minutes even though it is fully buffered.
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    I had it for 24 hrs, just got back from selling it. I really think the faster processor and 4gb ram is the way to go, if not the bigger drive.
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    Curious how much you sold it for and where?
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    I have the 11" base model and it is fantastic. No problems at all simultaneously listening to music on iTunes, typing in Pages, and having 5 browser pages open. I think all of those things only add up to 1.3 GB or so RAM used.

    The ONE problem is in playing HD You Tube where there is stuttering. I've heard that 4GM RAM won't fix the problem, but that the faster processor and large cache on the 13" MBA will do better.

    I don't think the 11" base is good for an only computer but it is GREAT for daily usage where portability is important. I often use it propped on my lap while watching television.

    In my opinion, the 11" base represents a great bargain. I'm going to keep the $100 RAM upgrade cost towards picking up the next significant model change in 2-3 years.
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    Can't say that i've experienced that at all. I'm able to stream HD video from Youtube and Vimeo without any problems whatsoever.. Additionally, i'm able to watch in full screen.
    My setup is 11" | 1.6 | 4g | 128

    Just watched this video in 720P
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    I was on the fence concerning whether to get the 11" base model or the top of the line model. I went to the store and tried the floor models, which were 1.4GHz/2GB/128GB models and they performed quite well. I opened eight Safari tabs, played multiple YouTube videos at once, and browsed iPhoto at the same time. This is much more than I'd ever do at once in normal usage. They didn't flinch.

    Since it is just a secondary laptop for travel, I decided on the base model. Everything I need is in the cloud, courtesy of DropBox, Flickr, YouTube, AirPlay and Citrix, so storage didn't matter much. I was shocked at how well the 2GB RAM model performed.

    FYI, it comes with a little over 48GB free.

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