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11 inch macbook air brightness keeps creeping down

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Acorn, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I know my mind is gone but it cant be that gone. I swear my 11 inch air mac brightness keeps getting lower and lower over time. it seems like every 2 weeks i have to go into settings and turn the brightness back up. I am certain the brightness factor is moving over time. i always keep it fairly bright and now thats four times ive had to turn it back up.
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    Maybe it's when you plug in the MagSafe charger. It tends to reset/screw around with the brightness sometimes.
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    I dont know. I noticed it because my battery life had gone way up while i was on battery. im like why is my battery life so high and then i went into settings and sure enough the brightness was way down again. so weird.
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    Screen brightness has a significant effect on battery life. This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
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    It is strange but I could swear that mine does exactly the same thing that you have described.
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    That's odd. Does it have anything to do with the ambient light sensor?
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    I don't think the latest MBA's have ambient light sensors anymore.
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    there is no ambient light sensor in the 11 inch air. At least im not the only one. no idea why people are bringing up battery life. that wasnt the point of the post nor was it the point of the post i mentioned it in. did you even read the first post? well anyway at least i see someone else has the same problem.
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    Maybe because this post sounded like you thought it was weird that screen brightness would have such an effect on battery life:
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    (From the OP statements, I think it is pretty clear that he understands that screen brightness affects the battery life.)

    I have noticed too, that my screen brightness seems to change without me adjusting it. I recollect it more the other way, though: It is on full brightness after sleep (until I try to adjust it to see what value it is) and then it changes back to what I had it set at.

    I've just gotten used to needing to manually check it every time I use my computer

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