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11" MBA freezes upon wake up?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by davekr, Feb 28, 2012.

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    i5 4GB/128GB model...

    about 1 in 4 times from waking up after being in my travel bag, the screen illuminates but is frozen, i.e. no cursor movement, no control of keyboard lighting, wallpaper doesn't cycle (1 minute change selected)....

    after rebooting everything is fine...

    this doesn't occur when in use on desktop...

    any ideas about how to cure this?
  2. mpe
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    I have similar problem on My Macbook Air 13" (2011).

    The computer freezes when resuming waking-up display. In my case I can sometimes move the cursor.

    The computer does not really freeze, just the UI. Background tasks still works, I can even connect to the computer via SSH.

    My friend with MBA has the same problem. I think Apple really owe us a fix for this.
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    mine is frozen completely, I have waited for up to 10 minutes...

    display is lit, no action from keyboard or mouse trackpad,
    background wall paper set to change 1 per minute doesn't change???

    I don't know if it is software or hardware?

    only happens after being in my tumi soft sided briefcase,
    never happens on the desktop!
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    I had a similar problem with my just-delivered 11' MBA. After searching around, I found some references to this incredibly simple but silly fix.


    It seems to have improved the issue for me, though I'm not sure that it's solved it completely. Time will tell.
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    That worked for me when I had mine. It never happened again, odd though that it would happen at all to begin with.
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    well, I selected the ssd, I'm not sure that it wasn't selected prior....

    to be clear, my problem hasn't been "slow to wake up"

    my problem is "doesn't wake up"
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    Not sure if you've tried this, don't see it in your thread, but try resetting your PRAM and SMC.

    Reset SMC
    Reset PRAM
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    let me try and report back....
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    Yes, I think that we are dealing with the same thing.

    I can sometimes get a flash of the login screen on wakeup, but then it goes black never to return, no matter how many times I press escape.

    As a tip, I THINK that if you are waking the computer from sleep by opening the lid, it actually causes problems to press escape. Just let it wake up by itself.

    I'm not sure if the problem with waking from sleep without opening the lid is solved or not yet for me.
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    My 13" 2011 freezes for around 5 seconds, but what you have does not sound right, can you get to an Apple store?
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    reset SMC
    reset PRAM

    apple store is convenient but problem is erratic in occurrence.

    for the record, I've never tried with success pressing the escape or any other keys..

    once it's frozen, not waking up properly, nothing has changed it except for a re-boot.
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    tried 'em both, just went through another freeze?!?
  13. firefire, Mar 4, 2012
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    Edit: I got the issue to happen again (March 13th), but this time I was actually able to move the cursor briefly (less than a second) before the freeze occurred. Indeed, Skim was running when this happened. I think I'll have to close up Skim before sleeping and see if the issue reappears without it.

    Hi there,

    I have this problem from time to time on a 2011 MBA (once every month, on average), but I thought that this was due to the third-party SSD I'm using (OWC Aura 180GB).

    I didn't know that this happened with the native Toshiba/Samsung SSDs, too. Is Safari or Skim open when this happens?

    When this happens on my machine, the screen comes on quickly and the desktop is visible, but everything is frozen. I'll keep track of what's open during the next time I get this freeze... Hopefully I can replicate the issue on my machine.
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    OK, I'll look to what programs are open, I would guess that safari is open during my freezes, the disturbing thing is that my freezes only happen from sleep in the briefcase, never do I get the freeze from desktop suspension?
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    so far it doesn't seem to be related to whcih programs are running during sleep.

    I'm closer to 50-50 on if this machine will be frozen when opening from sleep after spending some time in briefcase...

    any thoughts?
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    Wirelessly posted

    What I'd do is to just close the lid and open it again. This always worked for me.
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    This problem appears everywhere, for almost every model of Macbook. And the solutions vary wildly, from placebo to snake oil to the other extreme i.e. I had my 2010 11.6" 1.6GHz Air motherboard and 128GB Toshiba SSD replaced at the Apple Store. I explained to the genius I thought it was a software problem, but nevertheless, no amount of reinstalling software, fresh user accounts etc. helped.

    It got to the point where up to 12 restarts were required to get into the Macbook air.

    Since the motherboard/SSD replacement I have had no issues, so never came closer to understanding the reasons for the problem.
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    doesn't work for this one!

    the part that is confusing with my issue is that it only happens after travel in a breifcase?!?
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    the same with me. longer sleep (overnight) and the chance in 99%.:cool:

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