11" MBA - Good Valentine's Day Gift?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iPhone1, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Here's the background:

    My wife uses her MacBook all the time. I bought it originally for me back in 2008. It's a white MacBook with an C2D processor, pre-unibody style (no fancy trackpad). She uses it mainly to browse, Hulu, Skype and other web related functions. Never seen her use the optical drive and she's barely used half of the 120GB HDD.

    I want to get her the 11" MBA with 64GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

    Questions I have:

    Can I buy the 4GB RAM model from a physical store or online only?
    Would stepping down to the 11" model be a big deal coming from a 13"?

    Let me know what you guys think! Time is of the essence!
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    If you can, have her test drive the 11 inch version in store, on some pretext - to me, for me, the 11 inch screen just didnt work - too small :)

    Macmall delivered my 13 inch second day Free - so, since you do have a couple of days to valentines, that could be an option - i think they carry is in stock usually.
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    Yeah, now I'm thinking the resolution would be an issue. I know she wouldn't be into losing any screen real estate. Maybe I'll just get her a new MacBook when they announce them later this year.

    Guess it might be time for plan b. Whatever that is.
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    If you have to ask total strangers, think again.
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    I was asking the opinions of educated Mac users but thanks for the words anyway, ass.
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    If you can pull it - your plan A is brilliant - just look at the 13" instead - and there is not much cost difference even with 4gb ram (13" 128 1.8 4gb) vs 11" 128 with 4gb ram
    Plus she will love the screen, coming from her current setup. The extras that you get over similar config 11" are the screen size, SD card slot, two usb ports and higher bus speed and faster processor.

    Technicalities aside - i am sure she will love her gift :)
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    I just got an ultimate 13, you could get a base 13 from the Apple Store. From what she does, it sounds like 2gb of ram should be fine for her. I would totally do it!
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    It is very nice of you for giving MBA as a gift. Since apple is not charging any more restocking fees, what is there to lose?

    11.6 will work for some and it won't for some.

    Try it and if she doesn't like it, then door is open for return.
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    Go for it!! She will love it!

    It's good my wife does not follow this site!!!!
  10. cootersgarage6, Feb 9, 2011
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    It would be awesome

    Why would that be bad? Lol I would love to get that gift, a computer!!! and a mac!!! oh yes!! Lol that's better than stupid chocolate.... Lmao.

    Yes, you can buy any model mac at the store. But the 11 inch is really, really small. Go to the Apple store and see it. I mean it's like a netbook, but you can still see the screen. I would also think about the MacBook, the regular one. Because the 2010-2011 one that they are selling now, looks great. It's not the same boring look, this one is curvy, and everything.. But the Air will always be cooler.
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    Would be an incredible gift to give.
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    The Samurai

    The new MBA's are sweet - the main thing going for it is the power and ultra-portabl'ness (new word invented on the spot!). For what she needs to do, the spec of the MBA is overkill ;).

    You have 30 days to return it (full refund, no restocking fees) should she not like it (and ive yet to see someone who doesn't)... then again, size does matter for some (insert giggle here!).

    Good luck!
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    and to receive!!!!!
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    My thoughts exactly. I've been on these forums a long time and we're getting a lot of these lately.

    Now regarding your question, I think it's a good part of a Valentine's present. Worst that happens is you either keep it for yourself or return it but don't forget the chocolates and dinner too. Good luck!
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    Get the max 13 in model.
    She'll love it, but if she watches TV the extra screen real estate will be worth it.
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    If she doesn't like it, I would. :D
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    my wife prefers a 13 inch over an 11 inch any day

    so go with the 13"/4gb/128 ssd and … wife happy | life happy ;)

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