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12" + apple 20" display for LOADED 17" PB?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Rob587, Sep 22, 2005.

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    my LIKE NEW PERFECT 17" powerbook, 1.67ghz, 1.512ram, 100gb hd, 128vram

    for a even trade

    maxed out 1.5ghz 12" powerbook w/ 20" apple display.


    my powerbook


    maxed out 1.5ghz 12" powerbook + $800

    I lose a little over $100 in both of these trades but am willing to do it as long as your 12" and display are in the new condition my powerbook is. Let me know your thoughts and comments even if your not interested.. Thanks!

    I would also consider a dual g4 1.42 with some cash or display to make it a fair trade.

    or just sell my 17" pb for $2700... Its really brand new, just opened box.
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    sell the display sepratly
    trade for powermacs i have 2
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    He doesn't have a display. He only has a 17 inch Powerbook and he wants the 12 inch PB and the 20 inch display.
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    Dude, we may just have a deal here. I have a powerbook 1.5ghz combo model with 1gb ram and a 20" cinema display (the new aluminum model). Are you interested in trading even though I don't have a superdrive?
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    But if you look at retail prices, his offer is sort of fair. That is why I am willing to trade my powerbook (it is kinda maxed out, just not with a superdrive).
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    david, i pm'ed you.

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