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12" G4 PowerBook charger(s) mysteriously stop charging

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CPJ, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. CPJ
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    I have two ac charger cords for my PB - the one it came with and a backup. My battery is about three months old and seems to be very healthy. The problem is that the cord arbitrarily stops charging (thought it was the cord, used the backup - same thing happens). The light on the cord where it plugs in to the computer goes off and I must unplug it from the power source and replug for it to start charging again, which it always does.

    I thought it was the outlet on the surge protector, so I switched outlets. No improvement. I thought then that it might be the surge protector itself, so I plugged it directly into another outlet, to no avail.

    I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this issue. I searched the forums, but I'm not finding anything, and I'm not really sure how to ideally word it for a search so I thought I'd ask.
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    Seems like your charger or DC board in your PB is going bad. Try with another charger if you got possibility.
  3. CPJ
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    Thanks - I have two chargers and the same thing happens on both of them. I'm guessing it's not the chargers or the power source, but I am sincerely hoping it's something easily fixable because, while I need a new computer, I cannot afford one at the moment.
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    Depends on your skills, if your comfortable pulling it apart then it's easy to solder, or take to someone who can solder. It maybe just a bad port.
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    Looks like DC in board then. If so, fixing it is PITA: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/...G4-Aluminum-12-Inch-867-MHz-DC-In-Board/214/1 but doable. No soldering required.
    You can always live with it as is until it stops working completely.

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