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12" or 17" PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Archon Gold, Dec 31, 2009.

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    I am looking into buying a PowerBook G4 (Don't bash me that they are old, I know) but I can't decide between the 17" (1.5Ghz) version or the 12" (1.5Ghz) version. I mainly want to get it for novelty and there is a PowerBook G4 12" on Craigslist right now for $400 (1.5Ghz, Superdrive, 768Mbs of RAM, original box.etc) and I know that the 12" PowerBook G4 is a godsend to Mac Collectors like myself.

    Or alternatively I could dish out $700 on a 17" PowerBook G4 (1.5Ghz) from PowerMax which the price does not bother me, it is that fact that I do not know what condition it is in, the condition matters to me and the 12" on craigslist is in mint condition.

    I don't need it to be a powerhorse, just light youtube and light web surfing, I will hopefully be buying an i7 iMac soon so power is not a problem.

    Please don't post messages saying that PPC is obsolete, it isn't. I'm still rocking my 733Mhz PowerMac. :D
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    I don't see why you'd pay that much for either of them, but if I were in your position and *had* to have one of them I'd just spend as little as possible and get the 12".
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    Hey, I understand you completely!
    I needed to get my wife a cheap 'book' of some sort for light use and picked up a Powerbook 12" 867 off ebay. Just about to put a 1GB chip in it to make it more useable but, honestly, the thing rocks and looks lovely next to my 15" MBP!

    I paid £175 for my Little Al but would probably go up to £250 for a 1.5Ghz model.
    So go for the 12"!:)
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    Yeah, I'm leaning towards the 12", mainly because it's useable and will look nice with my soon to come iMac.
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    Shake 'n' Bake

    I was looking at PowerBooks and MacBooks on eBay a few days ago. And you know what? A modestly equipped PowerBook goes for about the same or even more than a few-years-old MacBook.

    So check MacBooks before you commit to a PowerBook. An iBook, in fixer-upper condition wouldn't be too bad, though (they usually go for $150 or less).
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    i think thats a good price for the 12". I think thats way too much for the 17" though. You could get a macbook pro for that price on craigslist. So i would get the 12" if i were you
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    I rarely suggest people get PPC macs only because they are not supported with the newest OS, and chances are they'll never get a new OS update. If I had to pick one of them, I'd get the 12".
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    I agree ^^^^^ I like smaller and more portable.
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    In all seriousness consider an early MacBook.

    It will smoke any PowerBook in anything but graphics, and won't be that far behind, even with the GMA950 graphics chipset.

    It also won't be much more than a PB on Craigslist, is still officially supported by Apple (Snow Leopard is supported), and you may even get one with a bit of AppleCare left.

    Unfortunately YouTube (or any flash based video) is appauling on G4s nowadays.
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    I'd offer no more than $200 for the 12" PBG4. Bottom line is, it's a PPC, it's not worth peanuts, and it has no collector's value because there are millions of them out there.
    For $400 you can get a fancy netbook that can actually handle Snow Leopard.
    Did I mention it weighs a massive 4.5lb.
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    PowerBook...obsolete? Anyone who says that either doesn't have a clue what he is talking about or he is a real j......ss. I took part in a theatre festival in November and in the office I worked at they use (thank God) Macs and most of the time I worked on a PB G4 15" (1.5). That thing had Tiger .11 running rock stable...I was very impressed...compared to the Windows PC they had there for visitors the PB was blazing fast and rock solid.

    Imissed the most important part...I'd go 12", I'd love to have one.
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    I'm not looking for a powerhorse, Mainly I wanted to get it for novelty and for things like dvds. the Polycarbonate MacBooks are pieces of CRAP! Honestly, I own one and it lasted half a week before it was sent in for repair with a faulty battery latch which I had to pay $400 to replace! Then later it was sent it for a dead HDD, a dead Logic Board, and was sent in 2 more times in over 1/4 of a year for dead HDDs.

    I couldn't say how mad I was when they switched back from the awesome unibody MacBook (the older Unibody ones) back to the Polycarbonate Oven design.

    In the near future I may just sell all my Macs (minus the PowerBook) and get a 27" iMac.
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    def. go with the 12" its a brick and it seems that those who have had or still have one love them...
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    The 12" PowerBook I first owned in 2003 was the best Mac I ever had. Though it was a little underpowered at 867MHz, but it was compact and simply flawless in every respect. Definitely was a pleasure travelling with that.

    I still have it, though it needs a new battery, and Leopard runs very slow on it. Also have a bit of a dent on it.

    Ah, the memories!
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    I have the powerbook 12" and its by far the best mac i've ever had (and I've had plenty dating back to a Mac 512k/800)

    Check out my vid


    otherwise, get a macbook cheap and jump into Intel world. Much better.
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    Anonymous Freak

    PowerMax computers are almost always in excellent condition. I have bought three, and sold three to them over the years. (They're local to me, so I drop off and pick up in person at their office.)

    (In fact, all three I sold them were in trade for a refurbished 12" PowerBook G4 (867 MHz, in June 2003,) I bought from them...)
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    It turns out that I am going for the 12" but I am also saying goodbye to my iMac G4 in the process (selling it and found a buyer for $200) to help pay for the Powerbook.

    Happy New Years everyone.

    I was thinking of sending in some powermacs, do they pay for shipping, and do they expect original packaging and peripherals?
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    Anonymous Freak

    I have no idea about shipping, I live a 10-minute drive from their office, so I've just driven to them and dropped off in person. Two of the three had no packaging at all; and the took them. (I believe they give more if you have it, though.)
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    I don't think you guys get it
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    Picked up the PowerBook G4 12". :D

    I'm very satisfied so far =]

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