12" powerbook and Dell 20" widescreen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mddharma, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Just bought a 20" Dell widescreen off ebay, and it shipped with all original material. However, it only has a standard dvi to dvi plug. Where do I get a mini dvi to dvi cable that is long enough to go from my new monitor to the side of my powerbook? Is this what I need? or is there some other setup I should use?
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    You just need a mini DVI to DVI adapter. Didn't one come with your PB?
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    Usually they come with the PB, however they don't package it with the new iMac so maybe they stopped packaging it with the PB. About $20 off apple store.
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    Just an FYI, your PB fan will be running non stop with an external display, or at least mine was with a Apple 20'' CD.
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    Since I have hooked it up to the Dell, it does seem to be running non-stop. I have a 19" Viewsonic at my office I hook it up to, but I don't think it runs non-stop there.

    I did get an adapter with the powerbook, forgot I had used it for the viewsonic. So, I ordered one today from the Apple store.

    Does your macbook pro run the large monitors without the fan running constantly?
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    Don't have cinema display anymore to test it with sorry.

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