12" Powerbook case?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wolfywolfbits, Feb 22, 2003.

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    What case would you recommend for the 12" powerbook?

    I have been looking at the incase (www.gocase.com) and the willow (www.willowdesign.com) so far. Not sure which one I prefer :confused: :confused:
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    I would recommed WaterField designs, i have a sleeve for my powerbook with plans of getting one of their larger bags, at the website u can read the reviews.

    Great craftsmanship, and great design


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    I have a Tom Bihn brian cell. It is a sleeve that can later be slipped into one of their bags. It is great. Soft foam cushining on the inside suspended in a corregated plastic shell. That is all wrapped in black nylon. It really is crafted well. My 15 pb fits like a glove and I know they make one for the 12. It seels for $50 and if you want a bag it is $80-120 more.

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    i just ordered a bad from timbuk2 for about 120. that came with the medium bag and a laptop sleeve. i spend the extra money because i plan on making it my backpack replacement.

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    i have the incase (the sleeve version) for my 12" ibook, I have had it for a year now. I have to say I love it, and have loved it since it was sitting on the shelf at the Apple corporate store in Cupertino, 1 Infinite Loop. (also works as a great souvineer, as I have yet to see one with the apple logo stamped into it like this one)
    Really lightweight, a good amount of padding, and fit the ibook like a glove.
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    Yea i've got an incase sleeve for mine, damn good, well padded, the strap is great, perfect for putting in another bag or even carrying on it's own. Tad too big for the 12" but not majorly so.
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    an advatage of www.sfbags.com is that there cases are sized for specific computers. For instance the case that i have fits my 12inch G4 like a glove because it was designed to. It is also made here in the USA which is a big plus for me as a buyer, i would much rather support some fellow americans when and if possible.


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