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12" Powerbook question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by afultz075, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Does iStat Pro not work on Powerbooks? My 12" Powerbook keeps showing a reading of 0 rpms for the fanspeed but the Apple hardware test shows no flaws. The PB gets extremely hot in the area above the keyboard yet it doesn't seem to overheat. I also can't feel the fan blowing air out if I put my hand behind the computer. Cause for concern or just paranoia?
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    Ok, so correct me if im wrong, but Powerbooks don't run their fans all the time like Intel 'books, right? Because I have noticed that the fan runs every once in awhile.
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    I get a reading of 0rpms for my Powerbook 12inch as well, even when the fans are clearly running loudly. Think its just a compatibility problem between the widget and the notebook - if you can hear the fans coming on occasionally it should be nothing to worry about - but you should feel air being moved around at the back of the case.
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    That's odd... I would have to double check, but I'm pretty sure I get a fan readout on my iBook G4 when (and only when) the fan is actually running. I can try to make it spin the fan up tonight and get an example...
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    It took a bit of doing to get the fan to run on demand (this is an iBook G4 / 800). To get the fans to come up quickly, I had Safari with five tabs, iTunes, Word, Adium, and videos playing in VLC and DVD player at the same time...rather impressive!

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    Thanks! I think it is working fine, just iStat Pro isnt giving a very accurate fan readout.

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