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12" Powerbook RAM

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 3lions, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Sorry I cannot comment on crutial or newegg (no exp.). But I would recommend Samsung RAM or anything that Apple recommends. I was using a 1 GB chip from Infineon, it worked for about 4 months and then started causing Kernal crashes and alot of headaches till I figured out it was the RAM module that was failing. Thanks to Apple support. Powerbooks are picky about their RAM so make sure about it before buying.

    You will find a major boost in performance with a 1 GB module in your Powerbook, it is a very worth while upgrade. Good luck
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    I've seen alot of people on here saying crucial is good...I was wondering if this was a good deal for crucial
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    Yes, Crucial is good ---- if you buy the model that Crucial recommends for Powerbooks. The one linked from NewEgg is a generic module from Crucial which may or may not be compatible -- neither NewEgg nor Crucial guarantee compatibility with your Powerbook.

    Another option for a company who does guarantee compatibility would be Data Memory Systems they are my favorite in the USA. They chargte $130, or $139 for the Samsung original model.

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    I bought a gig of Crucial for my PB, works like a charm. Super super easy to install as well...just need that size 00 phillips screwdriver, which can be a pain to find...

    P.S. That's weird...I paid like $15 less for that exact same stick from newegg less than a month ago...
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    That looks good. Where is their guarantee?

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