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12" powerbook won't boot,No harddrive noise!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fourthtunz, Mar 8, 2006.

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    I have a 12" powerbook, A1010 aluminum, i think. I hit the powerbutton I get no chime no hard drive noise, just a quite sort of whir, nothing on the screen,the apple on the lid does not lite up. For a while I was able to get it to boot from my external firewire drive by holding X on the keyboard and then hitting the powerbutton, but it won't boot anymore. Is this pmu?
    I tried the differnent key commands,didn't work but maybe I was using the wrong ones?
    I popped the keys of to get to the screws that release the keyboard but thought I would find out if the hardware pmu reset is even under there before I go that far:D
    I would appreciate any help, I tried searching but my eyes are killing from trying to resolve an ebay problem,thanks for the help! I would like to fix this myself as it's not worth much but any good shops to fix it?
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    If you are not getting a chime that means the computer is not accessing Open Firmware. That generally means the computer suffered a logic board failure, and the only way to fix it is to have Apple replace the logic board. If you are still under warranty than Apple will do it for free.
    If you think it might be muted try starting up while holding down the "volume up" key. Either that or try booting from the install disk. If that works do an "archive and install" to preserve you existing data. I think its the logic board, though, because if it lost its system folder the screen would come on with an icon displaying a folder and a question mark.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help! Just to clarify though, the powerbook display, is not lighting up or anything, once it's powered up can you insert the install disk and then restart from it somehow? I understand if it's the logicboard,then it's pooched, anychance it's the pmu? If it's the logic board it's not worth repairing and I can't do it myself? Bummer if I can't repair it, it's 3 0r 4 years old but for $1600 you expect to last longer than that!
    thanks daniel

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