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12 Things you may not know about Steve Jobs

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Category: Humor
    Link: 12 Things you may not know about Steve Jobs
    Description:: Steve Jobs’ alleged liver transplant came as a bit of a shock to Apple fans this week. Given that Jobs is one of the most high-profile and rumored-about CEO’s on the interweb, sometimes we may feel we know everything there is to know about the man. However, Steve is like an onion. He’ll make you cry if you cut him. AND he has layers. Many layers. Here are 12 little known facts that you may not be aware of about everyone’s favorite Apple CEO (not including Gil, of course)

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    Hahaha. Those were pretty funny. I wonder what would happen if Steve Jobs and Chuck Norris were to meet?!
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    Haha that great. I would have loved to see Jobs as Neo
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    Rofl!!!!! I cracked up at this one and had keep reading.
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    #6 Despite holding a public funeral for Mac OS 9, Steve still runs Classic on his MacBook Pro to play Sid Meier’s Civilization 2.

    That cracked me up as at school i play that on the emac's they have os9 installed., and yes os9 still lives in my house
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    I must admit that the Sophie's Choice one did actually make me laugh out loud.
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    anyone else not get #5? the anagram one? i'm totally clueless
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    Funny? Didn't even crack a smile.
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    ^ Agreed. I must have left my sense of humor in bed this morning.
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    +1, I guess I was naive in thinking it would have been true facts about Steve. ;)
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    If that was funny, I must not know what funny is. Sorry!
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    Tallest Skil

    Okay, ignoring the rest, number six isn't even possible.

    Okay, NONE are possible, but OF them, the most plausible sounding is six, and it isn't possible.
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    Anyone else notice it's 13 things? (Even in the article title.)
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    That is very funny :)
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    If this were real it would've included this nice little nugget from wikipedia:
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    Worth a few chuckles :D
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    I think #13 is hilarious.

    "Steve Jobs has cried only once during his life - while watching the movie Sophie’s Choice. It wasn’t the heart-wrenching plot that made Steve tear up, it was reportedly the idea of a person being given “choice” that got to him."
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    Yeah.. didn't want to be the stickler to bring it up though :p

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