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120gig PB hard drive only 112gig capacity?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by technocoy, Nov 18, 2005.

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    What the hell? I know that the capacity is always a bit lower than the listed, but 8gigs? this doesn't make sense... It list my HD's capacity as 111.67 gigabytes. I'm going to have to call apple i guess. damn. what is up with you lately apple? let's keep moving forward, but we also gotta pay attention to the here and now. You are upsetting your loyal user base.

    anyone else get the 120 gig? if i had know this I WOULD have gone with the 100 7200rpm drive.

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    After being formatted with osx and everything it will be like 8 gigs less. Or at least it was on my computer
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    its formated and has tiger which will lower your total capacity....
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    no no...

    after tiger i only have 102gigs. this is the drive itself... in system profiler it lists my drive as only 111.67

    not cool.
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    your forgetting all the applications like all of ilife 05....
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    Once again... (sorry, this has been covered a million, bajillion, gazillion times)

    Your math is off, it's not Apple's fault.

    A *byte's math is based on 1024, not on 1000. So your 120GB hard drive, which is listed at 120,000,000,000 bytes.. is actually that number divided by 1024 for kilobytes, then again for megabytes, then again for gigabytes.

    Which means that 120GB is ACTUALLY 111.75GB.

    This is the fault of HARD DRIVE MANUFACTURERS, not Apple.

    Read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_drive#.22Marketing.22_capacity_versus_true_capacity

    I will also note that the "missing" space between 111.75GB (my math) and the 111.67GB (from the Finder) is set aside for journalling and partition mapping and whatnot on the hard drive.
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    I always find it funny how many people complain about this exact problem. If you used that same drive on XP it would be the same way. My iMac has a 250 GB drive but on has a capacity of 233.64 GB. It's the same for everyone.
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    Yep, sure is.

    Clearly it's easier to market a 250GB hard drive over a 233.64GB hard drive.. but it's still a fairly dishonest practice.
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    There's a difference between "formated capacity" and "Advertised Capacity"


    FYI, I have a 100GB drive, and it only lists 93.somthing GB
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    yeah, i knew about this, but i guess it's a little exponential... my 60 gig only dropped to like 58 or something. lol. now that i calculate it, it does go way down. that blows.

    oh well, making sure i wasn't crazy, and welcoming myself to the world of higher capacity laptop drives...
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    good god

    that really is so busted. well, sorry apple. I still love you like a ho loves crack. I was out of line. (although i have lots of lines in my PB screen).

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    right on yellow

    right on yellow
    not apples fault. do the math.
    every storage drive you use has less capacity than what you would think.
    including all HDDs and flash drives. its only that the difference is prominent when the drive is of a higher capacity.
    the 100 Gb 7200 rpm would have about 93 odd Gb space.

    technocoy my 60GB was 55 something from memory, which is in line with 111/120 and 232.7/250
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    Now, THAT is a problem with Apple's QA and needs to be addressed with them.
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    Well on my 30 GB HD.... (lol) :p

    it doesnt even matter
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    Call Apple. Yell and threaten to send it back to them and they will likely offer to retroactively discount your purchase by refunding money to your credit card. Be sure to accuse them of false advertising for good measure.
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    Psst... Picture 3.jpg

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    Thats whats so funny, 1gb does not equal 1 billion bytes.
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    Hey, hey. That was a screen shot from Apple's site. I didn't write that. :cool:
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    <cough>56</cough> maybe...?
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    umm, no. not exponential...it's linear. my 80gb drive shows 74.5GB, which is about 93% of the "advertised" size...same for 56/60 and 111/120.

    yeah, i can't believe how many of these posts always show up...
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    Like how they sell CRT monitors?

    20" monitor (18.8" viewable)...

    Does dishonesty across the board make you honest?
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    It's not really exponential or linear. It's linear within the GB range...93.1% as stated above. But it's different for other magnitudes. In the MB range, it's 95.4%, while in the TB range, it's 90.9%.

    It comes from the 1024 versus 1000 difference cited above, which compounds with every prefix.

    Wikipedia is your friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte

    And yes, Apple was correct in their definition of 1 GB being equal to one billion bytes. The problem is that people don't know the difference between a GB and GiB.
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    i was poking fun at myself, while also making a sacrcastic point about how many people could respond with how many people post about this.

    lol, thanks for all the responses though, I was freaking out about it at first as i knew there should be a few gigs difference, but i didn't realize it could be 8 until i did the calcs...

    sorry my humor wasn't clear... and it should be pretty obvious i'm not a troll with over 400 posts... HA ha.

    I am still amazed how quikly one can find help on this board though.. after 4 years it still amazes me.

    'preciate it.
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    Aaahh.. good call! I forgot about that one. I've not yet scientifically determined if 2 wrong make a right. :)

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