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128GB SSD iPod Classic

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rw3, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. rw3
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    Well, it works. I finally found an original MacBook Air SSD and put it in my iPod Classic and it works great! So much smoother and faster. I'm looking into getting other brands as well to see if they will work.

    See attached screenshots...

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    wow this is pretty awsome! how much did you pay for the SSD!? :eek:
  4. rw3
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    I don't even wanna say how much the SSD was....but the ones that I've been fidning that aren't Apple OEM are $300...

    SSD - Solid State Drive - This helps so that you can drop it not have the risk of the HDD going bad since SSDs don't have any moving parts, it's all flash memory.
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    Cool mod but where's the hardware pics of the iPod.
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    Nicely done, I swapped my white dead 5th gen out with a 240GB HD and new Battery and I love it. Only iPod I have with enough capacity to hold a decent amount of videos that I order from iTunes Store.

    I bet the performance is pretty awesome, the 240GB is meh as far as performance goes but it works for what I use it for...that is for video output to my TV.
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    So they make 240GB 1.8 drives? How full do you have yours now?
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    80GB of video, but the original plan was to hold my music and video and with that I'd be pushing about 180GB, but I decided against it because of all the money I put into it, didn't want to break it at work. So I've continued to use my 120GB classic and leave the 240GB strictly for video. I'll post a screen shot later.

    I wish the Classic was able to be modded, sucks that apple has it so locked up. I really miss the Artist/Song listening on one screen VS the song only listing of the 5th gen.
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    To the OP, aren't the newer drives in the Classic SSD's? Why wouldn't they be? I remember the horrible whining all my old Classics made at one point or another.
  10. rw3
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    No, the 6th and 7th Gen iPod Classics still use Toshiba 1.8" PATA ZIF Hard Drives, no SSD, they wouldn't be cost effective with SSDs. The 128GB SSD I used cost me the price of a new 160GB Classic...
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    It's a real shame that you can't sync it over eSATA or some variation of firewire. There would be huge potential in syncing some of the more powerful 1.8" SSDs over a faster connection to drastically reduce sync time. Hopefully USB 3.0 can fill some of that gap soon.

    Nifty mod, though. I've told myself that I'll replace the disk when mine dies, so maybe a SSD will be an option at that time.
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    That's pretty nifty, you should post a video on how much faster it runs with the SSD than the HDD. I bet it is quite noticeable :)
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    I just registed and saw the picture attached. Is it IPOD CLASSIC or IPOD VIDEO? Got a red circled cross on my pity Ipod Classic too and I wanna change the HDD into some faster model, that is, CF or SDD. The CF cards is good but its max capacity I can pay is 32G:( the SSD is a very good selection for a original MBA 128G SSD is about $300 in my country, but from what I consulted from Kingspec Tech Support Team, it is not possible to replace the MK1634GAL with Kingspec - or any other 1.8" CE ssd - 'cos the Ipod Classic can not provide sufficient power:(
    so if you got a SSD-inside Ipod Classic it'll be a great news to me:D and now I wonder how could I do it myself, that is, more picture&guidance needed. Maybe a tutorial?:D
    Thanks anyway.

    PS:Sorry about my poor English:cool:
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    So any SSD that works in a macbook air rev1 also works in an ipod?
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    It says it is a black ipod video in the info page of itunes.
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    yeah and it says it is an ipod classic.
    so is there the possibility that itunes recognizes SSD-inside ipod classic as ipod 5Gen?
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    I am in the process of doing a compact flash install in my 30gb video, and my 3rd gen iPod units.

    Still love rocking the old iPods, amazing how many looks they still get when you have them sitting out at the local coffee shops :) .
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    ... a SSD is just a hard drive, of course its compatible :D
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    The point here is that the original poster said he has an iPod Classic, but his screenshots show a 5G Video iPod.
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    well,I have emailed Kingspec tech support and they told me it was no way getting an Kingspec SSD inside ipod for its poor +3v:(
    haven't tried yet though, SSD's so expensive these days:(
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    That's the point!:D
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    then it is likely that the OP considers all iPods of that calibre to be named Classics. no biggie.

    would be interesting to know. follow it up ;)
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    Is there a specific SSD to look for. From what I have seen on boxes, the SSDs look like the size of a 2.5" drive. How would they fit in the same space as a 1.8"? Is the size of it determinant on its ability to be used?
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    you need a 1.8" SSD obviously lol..
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    not only that, u need one that has the ZIF flat cable.

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