13" i5 vs i7

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shahrezsyed, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Title says all. I wanted to buy the i7 but as we don't have an online store in my country and all the sellers have only the 13" 256GB i5 option. They could maybe order one for me. But that would mean more wait which is not feasible as I am currently without a computer as it got stolen a few days ago. Is there really a difference. Should Have them order it or is the i5 fine?
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    The Samurai

    It depends on WHAT you do. You haven't mentioned what you'll be using the machine for. One can't say if you will benefit from a better processor based on your OP.
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    VERY LIGHT iMovie, iPhoto, web, movies, word processing, YouTube.
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    i5 will be more than fine! Go for it!
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    The Samurai

    Even i5 will be overkill :D, your fine with the i5 model.
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    the i5 will be fine. There's only a slight increase in performance on the i7, and more probability of heat increase (it's been widely discussed here on the forums). So, I'd recommend you to go for the i5, as long as it has the 256 Gb SSD.

    Good luck!
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    THIS. I went with the i5 128 gb and I'm regretting not getting the bigger ssd. I told myself that because I have a billionty external hard drives that it didn't matter since most of my media is off the computer anyways. I was wrong and am now debating on buying a larger one aftermarket.
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    You will be more than fine with the i5 it should last you years especially in connection with an ssd.
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    Go for the i5!
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    Done then! i5 it is.
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    You should get a NAS, there is no way "a billion external hard drives" will fit on 256gb. A NAS offers high volume wireless storage and is more price efficient then the SSD route. Unless of course you need that information when your travelling with your MBA
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    No real difference in speed/performance for most of us people not pushing out machines to the limit.

    So for day to day usage ... you won't tell.

    I think most people buying the i7 256 gb machine ( nothing wrong with that purchase of course ) are doing it because otherwise they will worry that they should have bought that version.

    The 256 gb i5 13 inch mba is a beast!
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    i5 vs i7 shouldn't be a huge deal. In laptops cpus both of those support hyperthreading. The i7 moniker there basically indicate a slightly larger L3 cache of 3MB vs 2MB. If the i5 isn't enough for you, the solution is something like a macbook pro rather than an air. In terms of raw power, the two you're comparing aren't that far apart. If you used each without knowing which was which, I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference.

    The 256GB drive is a decent option. It all depends on the person, but 128GB can feel cramped incredibly fast. 256 seems small to me. Once we have 512 - 1TB drives at sane pricing, they will be popular.
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    Now sure why anyone really needs the I7. Seen no post that really validates the small increase in horsepower.

    I5 is the sweetspot.
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    Sounds good man! I am sure the 128 gb option can be quite useful but I did not want to work so hard to live within that much room.

    The 256 gb option with some external drives at home/work ( plus maybe dropbbox ) is a nice way to go.
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    Can't wait anymore! buying it next Friday!
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    Congratulations! The machine is a beast ... a lightweight and extremely fast and powerful beast!
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    That is the same conclusion that I came up with, yet I had to have the i7. The only reason being that for $100 more I could have the "ultimate" machine. Rational reason? Nope. :D

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