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13" MBA i7 delivery dates in UK?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jonregler, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Ordered whilst downloading Lion on launch afternoon here in the UK, I've just checked and the estimated delivery date is 29th July.
    Anyone have anything different? Or am I just being hopeful?

    .... patience comes to those who wait!
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    Ordered the same time as you and mine's showing delivery the 29th July as well. Status of "Not Shipped Yet" on Apple's website. :(
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    I'm in Dorset too, and my estimated delivery date is 2nd of August as is my girlfriends. We both ordered in the afternoon on the 21st.
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    Ordered on the 20th July, delivery date is 2nd August.
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    Ordered in Thursday afternoon, but estimated delivery is on 9 August:eek:
    worse than all of your cases~
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    For London based would be buyers, the Regent street store was well stocked with both i5 and i7's... It seemed that every second customer or more was after an Air this afternoon....:D
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    On launch day the Southampton store recommended an online order as they didn't know when and what they were getting.
    Could try PCWorld in Poole?
  8. MRU


    Ordered in the launch hour and have shipping confirmation and yet delivery is not until 5th August, but it has to come in through UK before Ireland.
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    2nd August for me, ordered just after the launch.
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    Trafford Centre store also had i7s in. Loads so said the girl when I got my 11" i5.
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    I ordered mine on Thursday and confirm the payment on Friday.
    My Shipping date is 28/7

    I just added a DVI convertor and USB Ethernet and the shipping changed to 3 working days. :(
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    did they have the i7/256G 11" in the stores?

    I've got one on those on order eta 29th.

    I'll be mighty hacked off if they have the 256G version in the shops, given they said it was online order only!
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    Ordered at 5.35 pm 20 July with USB ethernet - estimated delivery on 2 August
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    Had an email today.

    We are pleased to inform you that your order has shipped.

    Please see the details of the shipment below.

    We expect your order to be delivered to your shipping address on or before 28/07/2011.

    So there is hope for the impatient!

    (Coincidentally the the 28th is the same as my wife's due date for our baby! Like I'm really going to get time to pay with my new toy?)
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    what time did you order? I order at 21:00 but no email yet. say 29th expected...

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    Ordered a CTO 13 inch i7 256GB and a stock 11 inch i5 128GB just after the store came back up with the new models.
    Original delivery was on or before 2nd Aug it now says 1st Aug merge in transit UK
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    my delivery of the 11 has slipped by a day, which is a major PITA as I'm having to lug a 2 ton lenovo pos around
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    I tried to order...

    ... a 13" MBA i7 on Friday, July 22nd via Phone from the Apple educational store.

    They quoted me a delivery date of August 8th, which is too late as I am travelling on the 6th.

    I ended up giong for the 13" MBA i5, which is fine for my needs (e-mail, web browing, pictures, Excel, word processing), but I would have preferred the i7 as I like to be as future-proofed as possible; the i5 is supposed to be with me by the 28th, although I have yet to get a confirmation from them that it has indeed shipped.

    However, given the suggested delivery times, I am happy to take the i5 and spend the difference on Office 2011 [I need Excel and 2004 stopped working :-(].

    If the local Apple Store has i7s in stock, the guy on the phone at the education store said that I could exchange in-store and pay the difference, which is what I am tempted to do.
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    Mine said that, then on Saturday morning it shipped and updated the status to 1st August 2011. It's now slipped back by a day to 2nd August :eek:

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    Just received my second email saying my "order is in transit". The first email told me my order had been shipped.

    Anyone know the difference between the two?
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_4 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8K2 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I have been able to track my mackbook air via the following website http://expox.expeditors.com and entering my 10 digit tracking number starting with 8xxxxxxxxx from the apple order status page,

    Event Date Description Origin Destination Remarks
    29-Jul-2011 14:00:00 GMT Requested Delivery Date
    27-Jul-2011 11:01:00 GMT (est.) Est Arrival at Dest PUDONG, SHANGHAI, CHINA (PVG) LONDON, ENGLAND (LHR) PVG-LHR: VS251/26 PVG LHR
    26-Jul-2011 11:30:00 SGT (est.) Booked PUDONG, SHANGHAI, CHINA (PVG) LONDON, ENGLAND (LHR) PVG-LHR: VS251/26
    25-Jul-2011 08:58:00 SGT Client Called for Pickup
    23-Jul-2011 13:03:00 SGT Freight Received w/Docs
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    so I logged inn and found a UPS tracking number - which is saying delivery on Friday:

    Shanghai, China 25/07/2011 21:30 Departure Scan
    25/07/2011 16:35 Origin Scan
    China 25/07/2011 2:51 Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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    VS251 is the virgin shanghai to London - I've flown that flight! gets in about 17:30

  24. MRU


    I got same tracking info

    And yet my delivery date has shifted from 5th August to 6th August (which is a Saturday and we don't get deliveries on weekends so it would be the 8th).... So depressing :( ;)
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    My 13" i7 256GB shipped from Shanghai today (25th) and is due for delivery this Friday 29th July :D

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