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13" MBA resolution

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Aspen, Mar 22, 2011.

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    The 2010 13" MBA resolution is the same as my 15" 1440 X 900 MBP. Will the letters be the same size when considering the screen size difference (using the native resolution and not zooming). I'd like to get 13" MBA but I'm just I'm just not sure about the letter size/font.

    I've tried looking any difference in the Apple store but it's not that easy since I can't put them size by side. I don't want the MBA words to be too small to read easily. My 15" MBP is just fine.

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    I too was worried about the same but the 13 MBA resolution is just perfect IMHO, the letters / words etc are not that small that it should strain your eyes, I feel its very comfortable on my eyes.

    I do not wear any glasses and I in my mid-thirties so your milage might vary a bit, I had used 10" netbook earlier and found the characters on that bit small to my liking but on 13 MBA I found it very comfortable, do not know why but on the 11 MBA found the characters / words to be a bit sharper smaller to my liking.
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    Why does Apple only sate TFT display on the MBA 13" and not on any of the other Macs? Is the TFT display any different from the normal glossy displays?
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    I don't think TFT is as good. Colours appear more washed out when placed next to a Macbook Pro.
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    Text will be smaller but sharper and takes time to get use if you've been using the 15" pro and colours not as deep on the default Colour LCD settings. i don't understand why Apple sell it with such poor default settings.

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