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15" Al Powerbook Woes

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jcgerm, Nov 7, 2003.

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    I've posted a few times about various problems I've had on my powerbook which I bought mid-september. In the past 2 1/2 weeks the LCD, keyboard, and the battery have all been replaced. The LCD is without white spots for the moment (although I'm not holding my breath), after 3 calls to applecare they finally agreed to replace my battery, and the fix keyboard isn't fixed. They replaced it because the upper right corner was not sticking in place. Now the entire keyboard feels "spongy," for lack of a better term (I posted abotu this yesterday). I'm pretty convinced that the aluminum is warped to the point where the keyboard doesn't fit completely into the slot that it should (it wasn't even in completely when I got it back from applecare).

    I'm a switcher (i guess you could say, but I still have PC's). I bought the powerbook mainly because of OS X. I'm a student at Virginia Tech and I use this thing for all sorts of development, multimedia, and just your general everyday use. I'm going to call applecare again today and see if they can fix the problem. If they can't/won't then I don't know what to do. I can't have it going in for repair all the time. I depend on this computer now. Up to this point I am not evening close to thinking that I got my money's worth.

    My last laptop was a dell and it's 2 years old and hasn't had one problem yet. It also cost $700 less than this powerbook. When I bought the powerbook I thought I was paying for quality, but I have yet to see anything close to it. I realize that some of you probably have no problems at all with your powerbooks, but this is my first apple and the impressions that I've been given aren't stacking up to a lot. I'm losing patience and confidence in Apple.

    Sorry, I just had to rant some there. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about my situation?
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    like many here know, i was an apple warranty tech and i have seen the good and bad of certain models and certain software releases

    the 15 inch albook, and the dual G5 tower have very serious problems (G5 logicboard does not mesh with panther and the next os x release should hopefully fix that)

    in recent weeks, i have met and heard about mac users who are desperate to get their hands on a tibook, paint chipping and all, because it's the best apple portable dollar for dollar

    the 15 inch alubook was so anticipated and apple knew it and i think they rushed it out too fast and this rush products out the door ethic has plagued apple for at least 18 months and i have seen more people switch to PC than vice versa and it's sad to see this

    i have considered going PC only, and i have been a user of apple gear since 1977...but i love my original clamshell ibook and those things were built tough...the new G3 ibooks that came after that had more logic board problems than any apple gear i recent memory and people are dumping those off on ebay and in newspapers...don't buy any G3 ibook used and i urge people to totally avoid the 15 inch alubook and opt for the 12 inch or 17 inch...for now

    apple has better get their act together quick!
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    It sounds like that you have had more than three issues with your computer that have required service. I was one of the buyers of the iBook with logic board problems. It has been in three times. The last time that I called in with this problem, the tech guy told me that if I had anymore problems with the computer before Applecare expired, I would be entitled to a replacement. Of course, there have been no problems since then, so I don't have a new computer replacement. This 15" seems to be be fairly prpoblematic. Having said these two things, I gotta say that all of my friends and family use Macs, and my iBook is the only one that has been back to Apple for service in the 15 plus years we have been using Apple. My sister-in-law has sometype of Dell laptop, a Gateway desktop, and an old Thinkpad that her work has issued to her. They have all been back to the shop multiple times each. My point here, is not to bash Wintel machines, it is rather to point out that you probably chose the PB for OS X as much as anything, so don't give up. Apple will fix your problem. All makers suffer quality problems now and then and it really sux when you get a bum machine, but I personally think the OS is worth it, though my track record with Apple hardware has been excellant. As far as Panther and dual G5 towers go, I know two people who use these on a regular basis, and both have been upgraded to Panther with no problems at all. Has this problem just not shown up yet, or does it vary with machines?
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    hey, that's a pretty good drawing

    did you do that?
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    How I would like to say Yes. nut no I did not.
    I just thought that it would be a fitting additon to this thread
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    It's very interesting to read your comment, jefhatfield.
    I'm a switcher who purchased the al pb 15 as soon as it was released, and was rewarded with a machine that was DOA'd a week after I took delivery - a steadily darkening right-hand side of the screen.
    Apple Australia did replace the machine, but only after 3.5 weeks, and it took some serious swearing to get any information out of them or my reseller... as soon as I started on the "upgrade to 17 or refund" trip they were as nice as pie and I got a replacement machine within the week.
    The replacement machine is a noticeably better build, and although the screen backlight isn't as even as I would like to see on a $4500AU machine supposedly targeted at graphics professionals it isn't exactly cause for returning it, either.
    The rest is great - and I mean great. A real pleasure.
    A shame about the screw-around, though - it seems communication between apple and resellers is virtually non-existent.

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