15" Al RevA battery life vs 15" Al RevB battery life.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by shabbasuraj, Apr 27, 2004.

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    Any one have any experiences with both of these machines. RevB is shipping with a higher capacity battery (50watt/hour), and I was wondering if its battery is significantly better than the older 46 watt/hour one.

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    well, it is about 10% better :) the real question is, can the newer and better battery be used in revA powerbooks?
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    The other real question, is: Does it provide 10% longer use time on the new machines? Or is that why they made the battery "bigger"?
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    I would guess that the revB battery is fully compatible with the revA...
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    Well, going to the Apple Store to order a new battery shows only one battery for all revisions. Should work without a hitch
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    FYI the new revisions are Rev C - not B
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    AFAIK 12"/17" are Rev. Cs 15" is Rev. B.
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    oh, but maybe the 15" is also a revC model... apple may have kept the 15" revA units inside the house :)
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    I would guess that the new gen. of 15" PBs get significantly better battery life (as the new 12"ers do). The higher capacity battery is something, but probably what is more important is that the newer G4 that the current PBs use automatically regulate power usage according to need, a feature that the old G4s did not have.

    For example, my 1 Ghz 12" PB gets about 3.5 hours with normal usage. Users of the new 1.33 Ghz 12" are reporting real-world usage of 4.5 hours and up.
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    I have a new 1.33 GHz 15" model. I am getting about 2.5 hours of battery life with moderate use (Word, a little Illustrator, Safari, TeXShop, lots of copy/paste). I have it set at the "longest battery life" energy saver setting, and the brightness of the display is set a couple of notches below maximum brightness. No cd/dvd use, but I am using Airport.

    I was hoping for more, frankly. My Pismo's battery used to last for what seemed like forever (4 hours, maybe?). Last fall, though, it just stopped holding much of a charge (now it is about a half hour). And its dvd drive stopped working. And the HD is full. So I have finally replaced it with this new unit. The screen is beautiful and it is fast. But I sure do like my Pismo. My ideal machine would be a G5 Pismo with a 15" widescreen display. Sigh.
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    My new 1.5GHz PB 15.2" + 5400RPM HD gets about 3:30 on the battery under pretty heavy usage (AirPort, Bluetooth Mouse, CD-ROM installing software, copying files over the network via Ethernet). That is with the power setting on Automatic. I should get more when I'm just chatting and browsing the web. SOO much better than my Rev. A Al PB 15! I'm pleased :D

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