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15" iMac G4 800 Logic Board - Need advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iCeQuBe, Jan 22, 2007.

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    I have a 15" iMac G4 that I took into the Apple store for repair. The unit wasn't powering on and I figured that it was the PSU. The Apple tech also said it was the PSU so they quoted me a price of $250 for the replacement parts and labor. I agreed and now they are saying it isn't the PSU but the logic board which will cost $480 parts and labor to fix. If I do nothing and take it back they will charge me $92. I figure the iMac is only worth about $500 so i am not sure if this repair is worth it. What do you guys think? Is there anywhere I can get it done cheaper that is reputable? Should I just get it back and sell it for parts as everything else but the logic board is fine? Should I fix it? I should also say that if I fix it it was intended to replace my daughters iMac G3 500 so it would be for her not me. I guess I could sell the iMac G3 to try and recoup some of the cost but that isn't about to net me much of a gain. I am so frustrated now I wish they would diagnose the problem better at the apple store! Thanks for any help.
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    I'd do one of the following depending on how handy you are with a screwdriver:

    1) sell it as whole for parts (ebay)
    2) part it out (ebay)
    3) look for parts to fix it yourself (ebay)
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    Thanks for the advice, I took option 3 and got a logicboard on eBay. I t was alot easier to swap out than I thought it would be and the iMac is back up and running smoothly! Thanks.
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    It's nice to know you got this resolved. How much was the logic board? Do you think it was worth it instead of saving up for a new machine?
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    It cost me $130 shipped on eBay for the entire lower part of the base including the shell. It was so easy to replace because I got the whole thing and not just the logic board. I think it was worth it rather than get a new machine. If I had to pay the price the apple store wanted then no it would not have been worth it. It was also a good learning experience to open it up and get into the guts of the machine.
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    That makes it much clearer now! I thought that you just got the logic board only. With the bottom shell and board $130 is a great price to keep it working.

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