$15 iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement Checks Now Being Received

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 22, 2013.

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    The first responders to the iPhone 4 antenna class action lawsuit are receiving their $15 settlement checks, reports to 9to5Mac.
     Image via 9to5MacThe settlement, which came about in February 2012, is limited to people who experienced antenna issues with their iPhone 4 but were unable to return their device and opted not to receive a free bumper case from Apple.
    The first checks were issued on April 17, 2013 and are void after July 16. Apple accepted claims until August 28 of 2012.

    Article Link: $15 iPhone 4 Antenna Settlement Checks Now Being Received
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    "I've been cranky all year waiting for my $15. Now I feel better. This incident is completely justified now. Thank you lawyers!" -no one
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    Putting in the claim sounds like too much bother for fifteen bucks, IMO.
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    So in 2016 we can expect checks in the mail for "iPhone 5 Aluminum Scuffing Settlement."
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    Mr. Gates

    The bumper was the better deal
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    I bet this is bringing Apple to its knees! :) They must be laughing about this with the billions that they have sitting around.
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    It's not much, especially this late in time - but its something I guess.
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    I thought Samsung were the bad guys?

    Apple makes it ridiculously hard to get a lousy $15 for a defective phone?

    I'm just glad I returned mine and that's what it took for me to go with Android.

    I had the first (full price). Received the iTunes credit when they dropped the price as their apology for huge price drop after launch and made the mistake of getting the 3G. At least that still gets used in my Bose dock.

    Never again. Tomorrow should be interesting with results posting after the market closes.

    Disgraceful settlement.
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    Android. Bose dock. LOL
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    $15... That's like two meals at McDonald's. Half the cost of an Apple Bumper.
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    They must be so proud of themselves.

    Stores are selling out of frames.
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    The humor involved in this situation is worth more than the $15. When my Antennagate Special wouldn't make a call yet my 3GS would in the same location time & date, I knew Apple blew it.

    There's nothing like keeping your old one till you've done the testing Apple failed to. You're never caught unprepared that way. Nor is Apple, they keep our money and smile :)
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    Apple maps, Sorry (Siri), iOS from 2007 & Google scraps they give to Apple.
    Good luck with the new Yahoo in iOS 6. It should be magical.

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    So did you get $15 for your defective phone or did you return it for full price. I would assume apple only gives you the money if you kept the (defective) phone.
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    like 3 years later....
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    Hmmmmm, a $30 case I got in 2010 or a $15 check in 2013? Tough choice. :confused:
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    Don't spend it all at once! Lol
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    Free $35 case a few months after getting the phone vs $15 3 years later. I guess it really depends on how anal you'd like to be.
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    I think you're on the wrong forum.
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    USD15 is a lame amount.

    I would just keep the check as memorabilia

    also, is the cheque signed by Cook?
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    "Your $800 phone can't make phone calls if you hold it. To make up for this, here's $15 three years later."

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    The only one who benefits from this one are the lawyers who filed this suit. What a waste of time and money.
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    If you refuse to use A FREE case given to you then you don't deserve any kind of settlement.

    Apple should have told them to deal with it

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