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15" Powerbook deleted from Australian Apple Store catalogue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by surroundfan, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Well, it was bound to happen but the PowerBook 15" has now been removed from the Australian Apple Store. It's EDIT - now been deleted from the US and UK stores as well...

    If you're considering getting one, get in quick to your local B&M Apple retailer...

    EDIT - Updated to reflect removal from other stores...
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    Lemme check shipping estimates for the MBP
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    i rang my local apple store yesterday for an update on my MBP order... they said 3-4 week for those that pre-ordered, and 6 weeks + for those that havent.

    DAMN. i was hoping this week, will the news that they were hitting customers in the USA already :(

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    Well, it is not just the Aussies, even Americans who order today will probably get a shipping estimate that is way in the middle of March.

    Oh well, I've got the money to put towards one of these beauties but I guess the delay will give me a chance to rethink that decision :cool:

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