15" TiBook Screen (damage?) Vertical Lines

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by suraj, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I recently shipped my laptop to my brother and when he recieved it he notices two vertical lines on the lcd. They do not appear to be dead pixels as they go away if you press down lightly on the frame of the screen.

    Is there anyway to repair this? Is it costly to do or does the screen need to be replaced?



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    It looks like a bad connection to the screen. If you don't have Applecare, it will cost a LOT to fix if you want an Apple Techician to fix it. Because one of the wires that run to the screen might be getting pinched, and you can either have and apple tech work on it, or you can do it youself and possibly make it worst.
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    \The wires inside the hinges on the Tibook get worn and pinched, and the plastic sheathing comes off. Try to find a tech who will do it for you for cheap and don't open and close the screen a lot. I had several Tibooks that never had this problem because they were desk queens that I rarely latched all the way == preserving the screen and hinges and latch. Also preventing keyboard marks. But all in all, the Tibook is a real high mark for Apple despite it's most obvious flaw of paint chipping. Hold on to the 'book -- 'specially in the age of Mactel.
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    The screen has gotten a lot worse now, there are several vertical lines throughout the screen and it's made the laptop almost unusable. I've tried opening up the hinges but all I can see are the wires leading into the lcd.

    Any other solutions/methods for repairing it? I've talked to a local Apple Technician and they've quoted a repair cost that exceeds the actual value of the TiBook so it's going to have to be a DIY.

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