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15GHZ Pentium "5"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Oct 23, 2002.

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    Intel VP & CTO Pat Gelsinger said a 15GHZ Pentium "5" will be here by 2010. The current P4 will top out at 10GHZ. 5GHZ PDAs will be here by 2010 too.

    At the current rate increase of about 200MHZ per year, Macs will be probably hitting about 3-4GHZ, maybe 5GHZ by 2010, unless Apple ports Max OS to x86.

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    Funny how all these news articles are showing up in the Community section.[​IMG]

    2010 is a long wayz away, but if the 3Ghz PIV (V?) with Hyperthreading is going to cost you a whopping $650 for 1 chip, just imagine what a 15ghz will cost.[​IMG]
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    Over Achiever

    Somebody move this to the current events section!!!;)

    Anyway, costs will always go down...the cost of a 10 GHz chip won't be too bad in ten years...
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    Intel is just buying time. The way I've heard it wround here, they can't scale their current P5 beyond 1.5 ghz or so and get any usable yield. Intel has killed themselves with the mhz marketing, they can't scale the pIV much further, it's already tweaked for max clock, it'll just get hotter and produce less yield.

    Inel has a real habit of predicting the future, right now they should worry about their stock prices.
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    Yep it seems everyone is noticing all of these current event articles in Community Discussion. There seems to be a new one every day, about The Sun to Supernova! or Man to play Computer in Chess tournament. Give us a break.

    You realize the Inquirer is a tabloid right?
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    wander if we will ever hit even 10Ghz.. :)
    But atleast Mac OS X has been ported to x86..
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    Usually bumping old threads is a waste of time...but this one is interesting to look back on. They made it...in a way...10 Ghz has been kind of achieved by a 2.5 Ghz quad core processor...
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    Requires a 2kw PSU to power the computer and a refrigeration unit attached to cool it.

    Netburst sucked.
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    Ah remember when Ghz was actually relevant to speed :D

    Hilarious find.
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    Analog Kid

    Wow, it's actually kind of frightening that Intel has a CTO that gets the basic physics that wrong. They (and about everyone else) hit the wall at 3GHz.
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    It's actually more like 3.8GHz (the highest stock clock I've ever seen) but you're right.
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    Haha. This thread is awesome.

  13. Aea
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    Pure GHZ wise no, but I'm sure a high end Quad will outperform the 15 Ghz P5 envisioned by that article.
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    I think society owes us citizens a flux capacitor in every vehicle. What happened, Doc Brown, you lazy git?
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    I'm waiting for my garbage-powered Mr. Fusion :eek:
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    Truly epic thread resurrection!:D
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    well we are 1 year away from 2010... any sign of a 15GHZ p5???


    lol this is hilarious. nice find somebody :p
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    I'm quite amused by the idea of a 5GHz PDA running on a Pentium processor, also. :)

    Excellent necro, Noobie. I applaud you.
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    This is awesome resurrection.

    Maybe he talking about an iPhone at 5GHz.
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    Sweet, I've always wanted to be burned to death by my processor!:rolleyes:
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    Analog Kid

    Here's one of the reasons I get irritated by pipe-dream predictions like that coming from such an influential source-- an 8 core 2GHz machine could be almost as fast as a 15GHz single core machine if you write the software properly. Right now we're facing a dearth of well written software, and we may have been in better shape if the worlds leading microprocessor provider made a bigger deal out of the need to start writing multithreaded applications 6 and a half years ago.
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    holy Thread Resurrection!
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    Most interesting thread resurrection.

    A 15Ghz P5 next year. Wow! Forgot just how intense the Ghz wars were.

    Thankfully we've gotten beyond that.

    Still, a 5Ghz PDA would be nice! :)
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    apple will NEVR do that
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    This makes me laugh.

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