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15inch PowerBooks?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 20, 2003.

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    One submission claims that we could see the 15" PowerBook revision as early as next week. Few other details available, and this info is of unknown reliability.
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    god i hope so!
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    Few other details as in... ?? :confused:
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    well, if it's that soon, it'll only be a minor revision, probably just enough to bring the 15" PBs in line with the 12 and the 17. Like the new casing, AE, bluetooth, maybe the light-up keys and FW 800 on the high end... certainly no 970 and only a modest speed bump at the very most. But any speed bump makes the 15 faster than the 17, which is supposed to be top of the line...
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    Yup, I agree. I haven't been too convinced of the 970 in the 15" powerbook right at the get go. Don't get me wrong it would be way cool. Maybe if the 15" gets an upgrade now, then the 17" can get the 970 in a couple of months to be the king of the hill again. Then the 15 and 12" can get the 970 at the end of the year (maybe still optimistic).
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    If this does turn out to be true, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with. As mentioned earlier they probably won't want to give the new machine better specs than the 17". I guess it's possible that they'll give the 15" and 17" the same specs, just for the people who want the features of the 17", but without the huge size of it (like they do with the iBooks - the 14" is essentially the same as the 12" but with a bigger screen).
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    thats exactly what i hope this "little" revision to be.
    let it happen , and let it happen fast. ( hence, i hope they will be aviable quite fast, not like with the 17 '' one... )
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    Egads, is this going to become like the whole 'New iPods next Tuesday' rumor set that was circulating for, what, a few months?

    Doesn't anyone else remember that just about a week ago there was a rumor that we'd see new 15" PowerBook at the beginning of this week?

    I suppose as long as someone is predicting 'next week', someone will end up being right. Me, I'm not holding my breath. They'll come when they come.

    (And, don't take that as being lack of interest in their coming. As soon as the 15" PowerBook gets updated I'll be buying one. The lack of update is the only thing that has been holding me back from getting one...)
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    I wonder if the iBooks and the Powerbooks (at least the 15" ones) are going to take a similar path..

    With Gobi possibly coming soon, the last iBook update was just that, an update not an upgrade like last November so it wouldn't at all suprise me if upgraded iBooks are coming soon with a newer chip since they haven't been upgraded in awhile..

    The Powerbooks may be a similar story (again, just the 15" here), its overdue for an update (not an upgrade neccecarally) so what may happen is the 15" gets updated to some of the same stuff as the 17" and then gets a 970 or the rumored Altivec'ed G3 or something, if all we see is a minor update to the 15" Powerbook, be expecting something bigger soon after...
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    I certainly hope this is true. I frankly couldn't care about having a PPC 970 processor. All I've been waiting for is DDR RAM, AirPort Extreme, aluminum casing, backlit keyboard (hopefully), and a SuperDrive with a higher CD-R speed. That would be perfect for me, even if the processor speed remains at 1 GHz. Oh yeah, I'd also like to see an 80 GB hard drive option. So many fantasies.

    Anyhow, the point is, if the only updates made to it are Aluminum case and DDR RAM, I'll buy one and be happy.

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    Don't get your hopes too high, I doubt they will include a backlight, maybe the rest of the features. I don't care about a 970 I just want a 1ghz G4 15" NOW!
  12. t^3
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    The way I see it, there are three different possibilities as far as what the top of the line 15" PowerBook processor will be:

    1) 1GHz G4. This will bring it in line with the other PowerBooks, but this would make it stuck on a 1GHz G4 for around a year, something that's not acceptable, but has happened before (think 500MHz PM G4).

    2) 1.25GHz G4. This will make it faster than the 17", but even if the 17" is updated, this chip will run hot (some people say overclocked as Moto's specs don't list speeds higher than 1GHz), as Moto said that the cooler-running 7457 won't be in production until Q4 of this year.

    3) A PPC 970. Even if this is introduced at 1GHz, it will be still be a worthy upgrade and the chip will definitely be running much cooler than the G4.

    As far as my opinion goes, I think that the G4 has run it's course on the PowerBook, and Apple will not let it be stuck on 1GHz for a year or be something you can cook eggs with. I sincerely think that we will see a 970-based PowerBook(s) at WWDC, even if speeds aren't that much greater than 1GHz if at all. Apple has kept the 15" TiBook for OS 9 booting purposes, but with the advent of Panther, it's really time to say goodbye to OS 9 and focus on OS X. Even if there isn't a 64-bit optimized version of Jaguar, a coupon for Panther can be included for free when it comes out. Wouldn't it also make sense that Apple hasn't updated the 15" so that it could get a 970 in its next revision? The 17" is where Apple is making its money, but it is not where it can gain market share. The only way it can gain market share is to make the 15" as attractive as possible, especially in this hard economy where people would not be very willing to spend $3000+ on a laptop.
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    400/500 G4, Jan '01 Speed Boost:
    550/667 G4, Oct '01 Speed Boost: 38%/33% Time Taken: 9 months
    667/800 G4, Apr '02 Speed Boost: 21%/20% Time Taken: 6 months
    867/1GHz G4, Nov '02 Speed Boost: 30%/25% Time Taken: 7 months

    Now, if we assume that the only improvement will be to add the features that the 12" and 17" have, then this 'update' will look like this:

    867/1GHz G4, Nov '02 Speed Boost: 1%/3% Time Taken: 6 months

    Based on benchmark comparisons between the current 15" PB and the 12" and 17" models. That's not a very good showing, if you ask me, not given Apple's track record. And please don't suggest that we'll see 1.2GHz G4s, because until we see 7457s or the 750GX I highly doubt we'll see anything faster than 1GHz G4s in a PowerBook. They're just too hot.

    So, if I were Apple, and faced with the choice between releasing an 'updated' 15"PB along these lines, and waiting an extra month or two to release a model with a 7457, 750GX or a 970, I'd definitely wait and let the current model stand. The improvements just aren't significant enough, and Apple couldn't get away with making this a quiet update the way they did with the iBook. A complete case change with no real gain in performance? Maybe they could have done that back in January with the 12" and 17" were released, but not now.

    More and more, I'm reasonably convinced that when the new 15" PowerBook is released it will be something to ooo and aahh over.
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    If you want a 1GHz G4 15" PowerBook, then why don't you buy one? They are available right now at the Apple Store.
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    This gets at something...

    I've heard many people talk about how the 17" is the 'Flagship' PowerBook. Why? Just because it's got the biggest screen? Almost everyone I know thinks that the 17" is just too big (myself included). It's really a machine for a niche market. The 15" is and should be the general purpose, high end PowerBook. It should be the 'Flagship'. For this reason, I see no reason why having the 15" being the most powerful of the line, at least for a short while, would pose any kind of a problem.
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    15inch PowerBooks?

    Anyone here thinks price cuts will be announced with the new 15' PB?
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    speed of DDR RAM: 266MHz.
    speed of apple Frontside bus: 167 MHz.

    if all you are waiting on is the memory change, buy one now from the lady on eBay who is giving them away for 2k. if you really really want AE and FW 800, then wait and see i guess. the enhanced memory won't mean much. and don't hold your breath on an ATI 9600. sorry to be the party pooper, but objective reality is something we unfortunately have to deal with :(
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    information from a german news portal (macmotion.de)

    Here is a translation of a german article I posted earlier
    in the hardware discussion forum:

    The french portal "MacBidouille" reports, that the successor
    of the PowerBook G4 Titanium is close to be released. Apple
    has announced lately - on a press conference about the last
    business results - that the 15,2 Inch PowerBooks in the noble
    Titanium-Outfit are still very popular.

    According to the informations from france the stock is running low,
    however and the successor model will be released at the end of
    may with aircraft aluminium case.

    The size of the display is increased from 15,2 to 15,4 Inch
    and the resolution will be higher.
    The new models will feature:

    higher clockspeeds,
    Ultra-ATA/100 Drive Controller,
    FireWire 800.


    the ppc 970 is not mentioned here!
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    Re: information from a german news portal (macmotion.de)

    i don t trust that rumor. it is a rumor of www.macbidouille.com and there has been some content added. They only said that the stocks on pb 15'' are going down, and another rumors claimed some features the new pb 15'' will get.
    these two mixed will get the one you posted.
    hence, i might be wrong.
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    No More G4s

    I've heard that G3s are faster than G4s of equivalent clock speed if you take out altivec. With the arrival of Gobi maybe they'll take the G4s out of the iMacs and the iBooks and stick equivalent MHz Gobis in. If the Gobis are a newer technology than the G4s they're certainly not going to be worse if that is the processor they are being designed to compete with. This would give Apple a new cheaper chip (than the 970) Similar to Intel's Pentium and Celeron chips, although I doubt Apple would put their name with something as crap as the Celeron.
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    Next G4 chip is a LONG way off

    Not an "extra month or 2" - try December!

    Motorola itself doesn't expect to be shipping the new 512KB cache, 130nm G4s in quantity until then (they only sampled in March!)

    Until then we're all stuck with the hot (up to 30W), 180nm, 256KB cache G4s

    >waiting an extra month or two to release a model with a 7457, 750GX or a 970
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    I don't understand why everyone thinks that the 17" PowerBook *always* must have the 'better specs' than the other books. The major selling point of the 17" PowerBook (and really the ONLY selling point, IMO) is the 17" screen. That is what Apple has been touting above all else (bluetooth, backlit keyboard) and it is the main reason cited by everyone who buys the thing: the screen.

    I'm also of the persuasion that Apple is going to have to lower the price of the 17" *OR* chock it full of some very compelling new features (or a combo) in its next rev, or sales will crawl to a stop. Apple shipped 14,000 units and it appears that 14k has virtually eliminated the backlog that existed since January. Now I am going to venture that sales are significantly lower, as is typical with Apple's 'vanity' products.
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    Just a thought.....

    but surely anything other than updating to the same standards set by the 17" and 12" Powerbooks would be overkill just before the WWDC. Anyway, surely Steve would love to present the latest Notebook if it was going to be anything special.
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    I seem to remember November when we were all waiting for the new PowerBook, and the far-fetched rumor then was that the Books would have 1Ghz processors and SuperDrives. But sure enough, Steve gave us a slot-load 1Ghz.

    I seem to remember that there "were no" slot-load SuperDrives being manufactured then. All I'm saying is that the last time, they exceeded many expectations by quite a bit.
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    Re: Next G4 chip is a LONG way off

    I am well aware of the projected shipping time for the 7457. That is why I seriously doubt that we will be seeing the 7457 appear in the PowerBook line. The 7457 is due on a similar time frame to the 90nm 970s. If the 130nm 970s can't be used in the PowerBooks (for whatever reason), I think it's far more likely that Apple will wait for the 90nm 970s, and never use the 7457s in the PowerBooks.

    Now, we may see 7457s in the iBooks, iMacs and eMacs, but that's another issue.

    The real question for me is, why has Apple waited so long to release the 15" AL PowerBook? They could have released it, more or less, along side the 12" and 17", and that would have shifted the product cycle later, giving them more breathing room. But, instead, they have waited for the regular product cycle on the 15". As I've already said, this suggests to me that we will see some kind of processor upgrade with this release. And the longer we wait, the more convinced I am.

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