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16 X 9

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by Shacklebolt, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Hey folks,

    This might have been pointed out before, but not that I can see, so if it has been, I'm sorry.

    Look at the image on Apple.com. It's EXACTLY 16 x 9. Well, it might be off by 1 pixel (no more than 2), but still, how about that, eh?

    All the talk has been of iTV, but could this be the day that we finally see widescreen ipods as well?
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    You are aware that that's pretty much the standard size image for that area, right? At least since their minor site tweaking this past year...
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    I'd be surprised if Apple did anything other than 16x10 for the next iPod display. All Macs have 16x10 screens. It's a good compromise between 4:3 and 16:9 and is closer to the Golden Ratio.

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    Widescreen DVDs are in 16x9 format, so it would make sense for the iPod to sport a 16x9 display.
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    FWIW it's not quite that simple, because 16x9 has different meanings for DVD and HD.

    The maximum resolution of a DVD (NTSC) is 720x480 480*(16/9) is actually 853, which means that the pixels required for "16x9 DVDs" are not square. They're actually wider than square. HD content however, is typically rendered with square pixels. e.g. 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

    Plus, the content on many widescreen DVDs is often even wider than 16x9, the most extreme I've seen is 2.35:1 which is somewhere around 24:10.

    So which will it be? a 720x480 display with non-square pixels or 852x480 with square pixels. The latter would allow for 4:3 programs to be rendered side letterboxed with full 640x480 resolution, while a 720x480 display would only allow a 540x480 area for a 4:3 program, which of course is still less than the horizontal resolution of a DVD for 4:3 programming, which is still 720x480. In order to get full DVD resolution for 4:3 you'd need more like a 960x480 16:9 display.

    Unless of course it's just going to be a 640x360 16:9 display which is all that would be required for current iTMS widescreen programming. :p

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    DVD's are optimized for 16:9. Many movies are not 16:9 so to have the 16:10 ratio is no big deal. Many OAR movies still have black bars at 16:9. What ever it is I hope it's ready for immediate release. Under the premise that as long as I waited there would never be a new iPod I bought one. The 30 day return policy is running out...
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    I had a feeling it wasn't that simple. Then I agree 16:10 would be better. Plus you don't want the iPod to be too wide.
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    Getting back on topic, people are trying to find all sorts of crazy hidden messages in that image. In reality, it just happens to be a nice size (see Golden ratio) and that's what they've been using for the main image on the front page for a while.

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