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160gb drive shows 31gb on G4

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ezkirk, Feb 22, 2005.

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    I have a G4 533mhz and I have just bought a Seagate 160gb hard drive. When I turnedd the computer on it asked me to initialise the new drive, so I did. However it is only indicating that the drive has 31.34gb available!

    Are there any 3rd party apps to initialise this drive or is it too big for my computer to handle? (I used to have an 80gb drive and it worked).
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    HD too big for you ATA-bus....

    All PowerMacs before the MDD ones, can only "see" max 128 GB on their ATA-bus. (it is strange you only can use 31 GB...)

    You can get a PCI ATA-133 card to which you can attach large disks.
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    Is this a tower you have? If not your out of luck. But, if you have a tower you need to buy a new ATA bus card.

    You could always go external.
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    Cheers guys,

    I already have a firewire 160gb external that is full!!!! i am also trying to get my SCSI scanner to work with my Adaptec 2906 and Orange Grappler+ cards but no luck... would either of those cards help; with the HD issue?
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    problem almost solved...

    I checked the hard drive again and I had set it up as what I thought was a slave device (using two jumpers or bridges on the far right and inner right heads). After checking the documentation it stated that the HD can be reduced to 31gb by using a jumper on the far right heads. I just removed it and the Drive capacity went up to 128gb (as mentioned before the limit of this Mac). I am happy with 128gb as this 160gb HD only cost One US dollar more than a 120gb one!
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    So that's $ 1,- per 8 GB ... not bad :D
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    I live in Hong Kong, so the 160gb HD was HK$650 and the 120gb drive was HK$640! 8HK$ = US$1 (roughly)!!!

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