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17" 2.0ghz Imac or G5 2.3 dual

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bntz313, Sep 7, 2008.

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    which one would you go for. I will be doing graphic and web design
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    Either would be fine, the iMac is faster but the you could use a larger screen with the G5.
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    iMac G5 or Intel?

    If G5, then get PowerMac definitely. If Intel, get iMac and external display, unless you need more than 2 GB RAM, more than 1 internal HD, FireWire 800, more than 1 big monitor, faster graphics card, etc.
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    Intel 2.0 Imac, the G5 has 2gb ram two hdd's, the Imac has 1.5gb ram, and I already have an mbp 2.33ghz with 3gb ram.
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    No doubt

    Intel 2.0 Imac
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    Intel iMac.

    The intel whoops the G5's a** anyday.

    Buy an external screen along with it if you need the extra space.
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    the G5 has two 7200rpm hd's and if I upgraded the ram to 8gb would that make an difference? Or would the iMac still be better
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    If you buying it from a private party , go with the IMAC . Powermac durability really depends on user usage. Bad board costs you $700-$800 to fix, bad CPU you end up with $600, Bad Powersupply $180-$350.

    Doesnt worth for the headache, if something goes wrong with Imac, buy the same one and keep the good parts of your previous Imac.

    Have a nice day
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    Extra HD is very handy for use as Scratch disk. Extra RAM is useful only if you'd actually use it.
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    Well I run photoshop, illustrator, indesign, itunes, safari, fontexplore X, everyday with them all open most of the time.
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    I say 24" Imac 2.33 GHz , best affordable iMac ever for graphic design + the big screen :)
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    You should know that either machine would be slower than your MBP, unless you really max out your RAM usage, in which case the G5 is the way to go.
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    Intel iMac...... a bit more future proof than the G5.

    you can still add external storage and display to the iMac if you need it.

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