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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by InsanelyApple, Dec 25, 2010.

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    What would :apple: do if someone under 17 downloads an app restricted to 17+ year old. I'm wondering because my brother downloaded Terra Web Browser, and he isn't 17.
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    It's just a suggestion so parents know the age appropriateness of an app. Obviously apple doesnt know that your brother is under 17, it's not a rule or a law so it's not enforced. Just a guideline.

    Anyways, all web browser apps need to be set to the 17+ thing because they give access to the whole internet..
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    The 17+ age restriction is a joke, most web browsers and news apps are rated 17+, presumably because they could be used to access mature content, but I bet most people just use them to read general stuff. Anyway, how would Apple know how old your brother is, the 17+ system is basically just an "honors" system, there's no mechanism in place to actually check the age of the user.
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    Oh, okay. That's a relief.
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    Apple will come knocking on your door demanding that you accept your money back.
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    'Your Brother' is fine. Apple isn't gonna know.
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    Either that or we're going to have some startling breaking news tomorrow morning. "Apple Knocks Down Door of Under-17-Gamer Who Downloaded First Person Shooter."
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    They will hold a special hearing to decide if it was an honest mistake, or a deliberate denial of the rules he agreed to when purchasing an iDevice. If they deem it be the latter, they will take his product away and castrate him to stop him from producing more heathens like himself.
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    You...uh. I mean your brother will be just fine. :rolleyes:
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    I don't think it's his brother. I think it's him. :)

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