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17" displays: iMac G5 = PB?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TIGERmac, Feb 20, 2005.

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    I must say, I couldn't be more pleased with display on my 17" iMac G5. It's absolutely beautiful and light-years better than my old CRT.

    Before purchasing the iMac, I considered purchasing a PB. I noticed that the screen resolutions for both the iMac and PB are identical. I was thinking that the two used the same LCD panel, but it seems that my iMac's LCD is brighter and a bit more "crisp."

    I've heard that the PB lineup uses Apple's last generation displays. So, that would mean the 17" PB uses the Apple Studio display? I thought only the cinema displays were wide-screens. :confused:

    Maybe I'm over-thinking this?

    If anyone knows, please enlighten me!

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    I don't know for certain, but I would assume that they are using the same panel, but with a different, lower powered backlight on the powerbook.

    You also have to rememeber that the powerbook's screen will dim/brighten depending on the ammount of light in the room.
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    Thanks for the reply

    Does anyone have the specifications for the iMac LCD panel?

    I've found some sights that list brightness and resolution. I've yet to find pixel pitch, however.
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    i sure hope it's not the same display, because the display on the imac absolutely sucks. it's not very bright and the colors are just dull in my opinion. it's nice and crisp though

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