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17" Flat-panel iMac will cease production in June

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by pretentious, Jan 2, 2003.

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    DigiTimes, a Tiawanese computer magizine close to the computer makers of the iMac reports:
    IGM has gone on and speculated that this gives the possable 19" iMac more chance of being announced at MWSF.

    I imagine we can also speculate that the 15" iMac will be EOL'd at MW too? since this have story has now confirmed that the production of 15" ended in October.
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    Well if they do annouce a 19" iMac I will be the first to whip out my credit card :D :p
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    I find it hard to believe that they would drop the 17" iMac, it's proportions are perfect and it makes the already great imac that little bit better.
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    No they have changed manufacturers from LG Electronics to Hon Hai Precision Industry. So I think you will find that Digitimes is reporting what has happened at LG!

    Don't get too excited.
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    Wow, so production of the 15" iMacs stopped in October and they're just selling off of inventory? Dang! This is why the iMacs need a price drop more then anything. If Apple dropped the price of the low-end 15" model to $999 i guarantee you sales would pick up.
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    Not quite, DIgitimes is just reporting on whay has happened at LG Electronics, whether Hon Hai Precision Industry is now making a 15" is not really clear.

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