17 inch PB not until 10 months...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Jeffx342, Jan 14, 2003.

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    I just orderd my Powerbook 17 inch! Now Steve Jobs said they will be out next month (feb) when I called apple asking them when I am going to get mine they said 10 - 12 months! Thats a long time.... Way too long.
    can anyone tell me if they orderd 17 PB online, and when they are expecting it
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    Not what it says online.

    If you get to the last page for ordering them online, it says 7-10 weeks.

    Gee, by a year from now they'll probably be through at least 1 speed bump, probably 2.
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    10-12 months???? What the hell? That is absolute BS (not meaning what you're saying, but Apple saying this). Either the person on the phone gave you wrong information or Apple has dropped the ball yet again in the area of production being able to meet demand.

    I'd guess they meant to say 10-12 weeks.
    Either way, that's still quite a wait.

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    I wish it was 10-12 weeks...
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    I huess the person gave my BS, they told me 10 weeks now
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    Good. If 10-12 months hadnt been a mistake I would have to call Apple and yell at them for continuing to take orders :p
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    Yeah wtf if it was 10 months, you almost got me scared.
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    wtf is 10 to 12 weeks!

    Hi we're Apple. Thanks for your money and you'll receive your product 21/2 to 3 months after you ordered it. By this time you'll have forgotten all about it. That's a joke.

    New Ad campaign: Order it this quarter and get next quarter. No longer JIT, now it's JOT (just out of time)
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    I know damn! I have to wait over 2 months for my new Powerbook that sux
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    I was told 8 to 12 weeks, as well

    I think the person you spoke to mixed up months with weeks
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    The site has always said 7-10 weeks. I looked at it the night they released it and the information said 7-10 weeks, it hasnt changed.
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    Its not 10-12 months

    Here is a piece of an email I got regarding my current PowerBook order. Check out the dates

    At this time, we do not know when the PowerBooks announced at MacWorld San Francisco will be posted to the EPP store due to the extended lead-times at launch. However, since you have a current PowerBook on order, we would like to give you the opportunity to change your order to the new 12 inch or 17 inch PowerBook. Only this select group of employees will be able to order new PowerBooks at this time.

    Please note that we are estimating the lead-time to be 4-5 weeks for the 12 inch model and 10-12 weeks for the 17 inch model. Changing to a new PowerBook will delay your order for at least this amount of time.
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    I know the above quoted bit is sarcasm, but I just wanted to say that Apple takes your credit card number and only runs the charge through when your orderis about to ship. (This is mostly for those who have never ordered directly from Apple before.)
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    I think people should realize that Apple does not have huge production capabilities and can not possible ship 50,000 to 100,000 brand new powerbooks the first week of introduction.

    If they could, it would be a huge waste of resources and your powerbook would cost a lot more as large factories would sit idle for months in between product introductions. Apple is a "small" company compared to a Dell, Sony or IBM.
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    dont get to scared man. its probably just a lady who knows nothing about computers working for apple sitting at a desk with a telephone. you must have misread it. it wont be 12 months, she just made a mistake, dont get to hyped up.

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    I ordered mine early this week and I was informed 7 to 10 weeks. I also got the "Early Bird" special. Which gives me a 10 percent discount and a free t-shirt. Ten months? Well it caught my attention but dont' think so.
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    :p :p :p :p
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    Hm. . .

    It's a shame you didn't order a day or two after MWSF, you would have been first on the list, and back then, it said 1-2 weeks. . .:(
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    Over Achiever

    Be careful about the 10% discount.;)


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