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17" Macbook Pro Hinge

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by neonfever, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I've been visiting my sister for a couple of weeks and due to the fact that she doesn't have any extra space for me to 'deploy' my 17" MBP and my peripherals I've been using it on my bed most of the time. As we all know it has a pretty heavy display. On the bed (on my lap) when i type, the display tends to 'vibrate' a little because the machine isn't on a steady firm surface. I was just wondering if this will affect my hinge in the long run.

    Also a question to other users. Does your hinge have like a springy action for the first few moments when you pull the screen to either open or close it?

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    wouldn't be the first apple product to have poor hinges.

    altho a laptop that large ... why are you using it in bed?
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    Yea I guess so. But I wouldn't call it a bad hinge. So far everything has been ok. The flex is normal I guess since that even alot of 17" Powerbook users say that it tends to sway a little whever you nudge the laptop or table because of the weight of the screen. Perhaps I mean't to ask if anyone has had a damaged hinge due to this swaying behaviour.

    I use it bed because I'm not at home. I am visiting my sister and her place is pretty small. She doesnt have any extra tables I can use to set up my stuff. So whenever I need to do something, it's always on my lap infront of the TV or in bed before I go to sleep. Can't wait to be back at my own place..
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    Yes all do wobble on a non-stable surface....

    This is clearly a design flaw. I said it before and say it again...

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    i haven't liked the hinge since they first debuted this style. it has a limited range. if i gotta stand on top of the comptuer i can't put my screen back all the way.

    sorry, that probably didn't help...
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    the hinge on my 15" MBP is kinda springy when it gets down to the latch. it kind of resists being closed until you give it a gentle push and then when you release the latch, it pops up. that doesn't bother me.

    i haven't noticed any problems with the viewing except that it doesn't go to 180 degrees. which i guess really isn't a problem for me and the pros of this computer clearly outweigh the cons. it would be nice to have the display be able to go all the way down but i suppose it's not really necessary and if apple did do this, it would probably require a serious design change, at least in the back.
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    No problems

    I've been using my 17" PB 1ghz for 3.5 years now in all kinds of ways, including in bed. No problems whatsoever.
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    No problem...

    Of course the screen wobble is not a problem if you ignore that it is exisiting. I like the IBM ThinkPad hinge design. It is sturdy and works fine.

    The fact remains that APPLE's hinge is technically faulty. The general design of the çontainer' is an outside-inside design. A nice looking box was created, ignoring the problems when fitting the hardware inside... It limits what you can actualy install. 2-3 mm more height would have solved many little itches...

    Having said all this, I STILL would buy the early 2007 rev. 17" MBP, incl . the merom and 800MHz frontside bus.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess yea if you choose to ignore it, which.. I have or rather already decided to then I guess there isn't much to complain about. I was just paranoid that it would come off at some point. haha. Was at a computer fair today and got to play with the 15" one for a while. Doesn't wobble much..but not totally stiff either, but definitely takes more effort to open than the 17". I agree that the problem lies with the design and mounting of the hinge + display to begin with. even with a stiffer hinge it would still wobble. So I think I'll let it rest now and just enjoy using/working on this fantastic machine... while it lasts.

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