17" MacBook Pro to be Updated "In a Few Months"?

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    Notably absent from the new MacBook Pro releases yesterday was an refresh of the 17" MacBook Pro. Instead, Apple provided a minor upgrade to the high-end MacBook Pro but with no change in external casing:
    As a result, there had been some uncertainty surrounding the fate of the new 17" MacBook Pro.

    AppleInsider says, however, that the 17" MacBook Pro will see a refresh in the next few months to bring it in line with the latest MacBook Pro designs. The next opportunity for Apple to release new machines falls in January 2009 at Macworld San Francisco.

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    What a joke. You can't tell me Apple couldn't have released these yesterday.

    And the wait continues...
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    And so the MWSF 09 rumor train has departed... ;)
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    I hope they come with a matte option for the display, but I doubt they will.
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    Apple's HD Laptop, it's regular Cinema Display line, the Mac Pro and DVD Studio Pro will ALL be updated once Apple's and Sony's dispute over Apple's refusal to include Kernel-level AACS Blu-Ray protection are resolved.

    If the rumors of 10.5.6 including Blu-Ray support are true, this has already happened.
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    Looks like the glossy trash becomes standard on the 17", but it can be ordered with matte as a no-cost option…
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    Here's hoping they'll at least leave FW400 on the 17" model.
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    with the recent economic down turn, they might just have a surplus of the current 17 inch form-factor.
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    That's not quite true. Apple does release new machines at special events or on 'normal tuesdays'. I think it is possible for a 17" MacBook Pro to be introduced with a store update. Especially since it probably won't spot any exciting new features, just the same new case but in a larger size. I don't think Steve would want to say 'Look, everything you already know and love in a 15" MacBook Pro, but with two more inches, and you only had to wait four months for it'.
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    Why? I mean, sure, maybe two FW800 ports, but leaving on FW400 would be pointless.
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    If these wait until MWSF, then there's got to be something bigger than just 17" MBP's in January, doesn't there?
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    Touchscreen, Blue-ray, and GPS or no deal Jobso!
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    Dear Jobs,

    I have only one request for the forthcoming notebook display:



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    Keep dreaming
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    I'd rather have 2 firewire 800 ports. You can just get the adapter cable anyways.
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    since many video pros use the 17inch I could see Apple removing firewire altogether so they can spite the video crowd that has supported them all these years that way apple can hang out with cool iPod kids instead.
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    muddled lines

    I don't like how the notebook lineup has been fragmented with the latest release. The failure to update the 17" MB and to still offer the previous white MacBook has created a strange combination of notebook offerings.

    I hope Apple cleans up their notebook lines soon. Update the 17" to match the new model MBs. And discontinue or rebrand the previous MacBook to be an inexpensive consumer/education market notebook (like what iBook was to PowerBook).
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    I also hope that the Macbook Air gets the glass trackpad and the black boarder with the all glass to bring it in line with the rest of the computers.

    We all know the 17" is coming, it's just a matter of when.
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    Will Apple remove the FW800 port from the 17" version since they seem to going backwards here??? Just like deciding to exclude the FW400 from the Macbook which the previous version offered. There are still MANY Audio/Visual customers who rely on FW based products! :apple:
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    I don't know about "pointless" but I have 2 Canon XH A1 HDV cameras and a few external HD's here that wouldn't mind being hooked up without an adaptor.
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    MBP 17", iMac and Mac Mini at MWSF

    I think they will probably update the 17" just through the store which will then leave the the iMac, Mac Mini and the pro to be updated at MWSF. Sounds like a plan - oh, except that will mean what? A 2 year wait for the Mini. :confused:
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    I can wait a few months. I hope they add a matte screen option.
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    I wonder if they just did not, could not setup production for both 15" casings and 17".
  24. RHD
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    Yeah, glossy hi res screen only so you really get eye strain trying to see the tiny menus through the glare, and no firewire 400 so none of your external hard drives will work.
    Making my dodgy nvidea 8600 graphics chip look good.
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    Definitely BEFORE Macworld 2009

    Good! I was waiting for some news on this bull honky.
    I agree that Apple will announce this as an Apple Store update probably in December of this year. I will be first online to customize and buy mine. I also hope they have enough demand by then to include a matte version.
    Can't wait!

    Is anyone wondering what they could possibly be announcing at Macworld 2009 this time? I mean iPhone 3G is still new, the MacBooks are brand spanking new, the cinema display is brand spanking new besides other size screens, and the iMac is not ready for a new look yet. Steve said that touch screen laptops and displays "don't make sense right now", so what could it be? Good 'ol Mac Pro update? Boring.............

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