17" powerbook: 4700 vs 5200 hardrives

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Ray, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Ray
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    Does anyone have an answer as to why apple offers 2 hard drives for their 17" powerbook? Any significant performance differences?
  2. acj
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    Yes, the 5200 RPM drives are faster and use more power. 7200RPM drives are beginning to emerge as well. Not surprizingly, they too are faster and use even more power.
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    don't get screwed. i was afraid of the <5200 rpm drives, but the 4xxx on my tibook has handled av and composite work perfectly for almost a year.
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    Yeah, i'm just like Trebblekicked - I had been using the drive in my Rev A 17" PB for about 6 months for video etc before I found out that it was only 4xxx (I thought that it was 5200) Everyone says that you need 7200 for video but it doesn't seem to necessarily be true.

    BTW I have the drive partitioned into system and Video drives - this probably helps keep things cleaner.
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    you just have to decide which is more important, speed or battery life.

    anyone know what the performence differences between the 2 drives are? and what the battery life difference is? if you know what those differences are, just pick the one with the least disadvantage. or if its a deskotp replacement, get the faster drive, if its for portability, get the slower one.

    man i would love to buy a new 17" pb, but i think i will wait till G5... if for no other reason then it will take me that long to save up enough...
  6. acj
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    according to this article at barefeats the 5200RPM drives give a significant speed increase and use little more power. They also suggest possibly getting the minimum drive and replacing it yourself with a 7200RPM drive.
  7. Ray
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    Thanks to all of you who replied to my post. I decided to go with the 5200. Battery life is important but I'm usually running on ac. One thing I thought might be a problem is heat. Any thoughts?
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    don't worry about heat in the 17", from what i've heard, it stays nice and cool unlike the 12"

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