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19 inch iMac LED on 20/20 w/ Barbra W

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by esbod, Jan 24, 2003.

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    Did anyone else see Barbra W. on 20/20? She read her e-mail with an
    iMac and it sure did not look like a 17 inch. The screen was huge!

    The 19 inch is out there! Just like we hear that the 17 inch laptop was
    in the hands of Hollywood producers it lloks like Apple provided Barbara W.
    a new CPU.
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    I just watched it but didn't notice the screen. I was too busy posting on Macrumors! Arghhh!:eek: I hope it was 'cause I've been patiently waiting!
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    It didn't look too terribly large to me. Plus that sounds a bit too careless for Apple. NDA's tend to prohibit putting secrets on nationwide TV.
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    Either it's a 19 inch or Barb W has shrunk!

    My wife and I are debating but the sideview of the screen REALLY
    looked big. We've been looking the at the LED iMac since they came
    out and this looks different!
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    anybody got a digital recording so that they can grab a picture of it?
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    Over Achiever

    It's probably just the angle of the shot playing tricks.


    btw, fyi it's LCD, not LED. Large OLED displays won't be cheap enough to be mass produced until a couple of years from now.
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    I have it somewhere.....maybe someone else has one.

    I must admit it was big.
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    19" Light Emitting Diodes...

    A white 19" LED would make a dandy security lamp on the garage -- with a proximity device. Anyone trying to break in to steal my Mac would be blinded.
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    No 19"

    Just talked to a friend who works at ABC News NY. He made some calls, and confirms it's a 17". They've had it since July.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    amazing dont you all know that the 17 is huge! and barbara is small!
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    Sideview - screws

    Say - at the angle there were 3 screws on the side of that screen. Does anyone
    who owns an iMac 17" know how many screws are on the side of the current
    iMac screen...
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    Re: Sideview - screws

    Looking at the iMac on Apples QT:VR thing it doesnt look like there are any screws on the side...
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    3 screws on the 15 inch

    I bet its the same on the 17 inch though
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    Okay - the ABC connections says they are 17 inch but the VR only shows screws on the 15 inch... so readers - there were 3 screws on the side of that LCD and it is not a 15 inch!
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    well, anything is possible on a mac.
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    Re: Sideview - screws

    Are you talking about on the arm? I don't see any screws on the LCD screen. But, there are 2 on the arm of both.

    I called by ABC friend again, and he sent someone into the studio to check measurments, etc. The screen is the 17". The System Profiler Specs confirm it's a 17". It's not a 19"!
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    Re: Sideview - screws

    im almost positive the 17 inch has 3 screws on the side. ive noticed this before. ill check next time i go to work. but come on guys, do you think barbra would have the new unreleased imac, lets be realistic here.

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    Just so you know, the 15 inch has three screws on the side.
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    My iMac (15") has 3 screws on the side, so I would think the 17" would have the same. Apple doesn't even comment on new products, let alone put them on International TV that pulls in millions of viewers.
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    Sun Baked

    Re: Re: Sideview - screws

    Camera angles can play tricks with your mind.
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    camera angles and the fact she is tiny would make it look big also
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    My 17" iMac has 3 screws....on the bottom. No screws on the side.
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    Exactly. So it was either 15'' or 19''... or the 17'' changed at some point.

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