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1GB iPod sweet -- if you can live with the 240-song limit

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 10, 2006.

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    I think the 1g Nano is a good product. Not one I would buy personally. But for what it was designed for I think it great. Also I would think that it one of the few times to reduce the quilty of ones MP3s to put more on there since I thinking it good for working out and there I more would want the music and the audio phob part doesnt matter. For me audio pho only really comes into play on a computer since the mp3 players ingeneral can never beat a computer in audio quility.

    It a great device. I would get a shuffle long before I got a Nano for working out. Right now I have my trusty g4 20gig iPod that covers the nano stuff.

    The idea behind the nano is great and the who it targeted to and the way they are going about it is great. I just not one of those people of that market. I just dont like the small players like that. Rather have a smaller usb flash based player for that stuff. full size ipod for dealing with everything else.
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    no one ever complained about the shuffle being only 1 gb... and besides, IMO if someone is looking for a 1gb ipod, the nano is a better buy now, since it comes with a screen and scroll wheel.
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    I will probably destroy mine running with it unless I find a really good case for it. I just had to have one, and when the price went down...

    So, the 40GB photo is for around the house and on trips, the nano is for the gym, and the shuffle is for outside running. :)
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    Get yourself an arm band and you will be alright.

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    Artful Dodger

    Same as the edu price sucked me in like a magnet :) Really though, color screen, click wheel and just the right size to forget about carring it with you, for the price it's just what the doctor ordered...;)
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    My brother wants to get this because he is tired of his iPod Shuffle having no screen. I think its a good idea for people who aren't like major music junkies.
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    Yep. I give one lecture a year at the community college and $129.00 for a nano made the cash jump out of my wallet. Get mine tomorrow. :D

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