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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by c2kvette, Nov 6, 2003.

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    My iMac currently has 768MB of ram - I thought about upgrading that to 1GB, is it worth it? Would I see a difference in normal performance?

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    The magic 8-ball says: Concentrate and ask again.
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    Nope, not really worth it. The speed increase you would see is minimal to none.
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    I agree, you probably won't see a speed increase. You may be able to do *more* things, but you probably won't do things *faster*. You may be able to open more apps at the same time.

    The bigger question is can you do this? The iMac has 2 RAM slots, a "factory slot" and a "user slot". The factory slot is not very easy to get to and I think you'll void your warranty if you crack open the iMac to get to it.

    So, where is your 256mb stick? Is it in the factory slot or the user slot? If it is in the factory slot you probably want to leave it alone. If you have 512mb in the factory slot you can purchase a 512mb SODIMM ($119) chip and plug that into the user slot in 10 minutes.

    If you have cash to burn you can also pick up a 1gb chip for either slot from http://www.transintl.com. User slot is $499, factory slot is $219.
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    Depends on what the OP does with the Mac. That's why I said ask again. There's no way to answer the question without knowing how much RAM is currently being used.
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    Ok, I have the standard 256MB in the internal slot and added 512MB in the expandable slot.

    I do normal stuff with my Mac, surf the web, edit photos in Photoshop and do a little design in Illustrator. I was just wondering if by bringing the ram up to 1GB would it make the computer respond better, or faster I guess. If there won't be a big performance gain I'll just stick with the 768.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    photoshop and hardcore gaming love ram, the more the better need i say more? surfing the net not really manipulating photo's or opening & playing that new game of UT2k3 you bet.
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    If you haven't updated to Panther yet, I suggest you do that. It will definitely bring you speed increases.

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