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1gen Macbook 1.83ghz Intel Core Duo as Mediacenter?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by hallaisen, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I have an old 1gen macbook as described in the subject line, and I want to use it as a media center. I bought it as soon as macbooks were released and it's got 2gb RAM.

    I am currently running plex on it and it's hooked up via hdmi to my 46" samsung tv, and the movies are located on a brand new (as of yesterday) 1tb WD mybook external harddrive. When I am playing movies I am experiencing a bit of lag, and the movies seem a little choppy. Is this due to my macbook being too slow? The specs are simply too bad? Is there anything I can do to fix this besides buying a mac mini?

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    It's not your computer being slow. External hard drives are always a lot slower than internals.
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    Hmm, well I just tried to run it from the internal hd and the video still runs a little choppy. I guess it doesnt mean very much, but the guy at the store yesterday guaranteed me several times that there wouldn't be any lag when you run movies from the external hd that i bought..
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    Well, you could always install a fresh OS with Archive and Install and then use it JUST for the Media Center, provided you have another computer.
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    I do have another one, and I've been contemplating doing what you suggest, but I wasnt sure if it would make a difference on the performance? Not sure what the "archive and install" means though? I would just reinstall mac os x, do the software updates and ONLY keep plex on it? The old macbook has been collecting dust for a year and I dont need it at all, so that option would be totally fine for me if it takes away the choppiness.

    I have a macbook pro as well, and gonna try that one with the external hd as soon as i get it back from my buddy who is borrowing it to see if there is a difference.
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    Oh, I thought you wanted to keep the videos that were on your internal HD. When you put your reinstall disc in, it'll bring you through the different types of reinstallations that OS X offers. One is 'Archive and Install'. Essentially, it takes all of your personal files, and puts them in a separate area the computer knows not to touch. Then, it reinstalls the OS right over the old one, and puts your personal files back in. But if you want more room, a regular old reinstall will be fine.
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    Aha. Well I've made a backup on my external HD of everything I want to keep, so the MB is basically just the OS and whatever applications Ive installed over the years. It has 200gb available, but thats not enough so I want to use the external hd in this setup. Im not sure what you are saying: will reinstalling the OS and only installing plex make a difference in the performance of the MB, or did you suggest it as a way to free up more space on the internal HD?

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