1st Gen iPod Nano Recall: battery overheating

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Pedro Julio, Nov 12, 2011.

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    So, I got the email today from Apple:

    Does anyone know if they will send latest gen iPod Nanos as replacements?
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    I received this email as well. It seems they are sending a different nano because it says if yours is personalized (mine is) the replacement will not be personalized. I'm not sure I want a new version. I prefer the form factor of the 1 gen nano I have now. Plus, mine is black and black is not a color in the current nano line.

    Yes a longer battery life does appeal to me, but I am not eager to give up my black, classic form factor for the clumsy new nano in a color that I did not choose. Plus, I would lose my engraving.

    I think I'll keep mine and take my chances!
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    More than likely they will replace them with refurbished 1st gen iPod Nanos. I seriously doubt they'd give brand new hardware for something like this.
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    I too do not want to give up my Nano. I like the design and it has some sentimental value for me. Mine is also black and slick.

    I received my notice via email today and went into the Apple Store to inquire. Apparently it is an online rebate only and from the email description, we will not get our original back. They did not have any information about whether we receive a new updated Nano or not.

    My guess is that they will give us one of the 8 meg. Isn't there a special edition Nano?

    I did notice on occasion that my Nano became extremely hot when charging up, but not to the point of a fire that was reported in the Japanese replacement rumors last year. Though we do not want to give up our Nano, it might be advisable to do so.
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    Wow, I guess they have a huge stock or refurbished units.
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    They're probably just taking in all these that are mailed back, replacing the battery and casing, then sending them back out. They probably do have some old stock laying around, but the 6 week turnaround makes it sound like they are going to be redistributing the returned units as they are refreshed.
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    They will re engrave them
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    it says on the website that they won't.
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    It clearly states that they won't do that. They already have their hands full, they aren't going to add to it by engraving all the iPods again. If someone really wants to keep the engraving then they shouldn't send it in. The battery might have a chance of blowing up, but really it probably won't happen.
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    We for sure won't be getting our original ipod nano back because the email clearly stated that if the ipod was engraved, we will lose that. So the question is if we'll be getting a brand new ipod nano or a refurbrished ipod nano. I believe it will be a refurbrished 1gen because of the lead time. I don't know what the different internal parts are between the 1gen and the current gen ipod nano but considering that it's 5 or 6 years old, there has to be some differences and I can't believe that Apple still has the tooling to remake the 1gen ipod when all of the manufacturering plants are building the current gen ipod nano.

    Also, if they were to replace with a current gen, I'd think they would mention something in the email about color choice or memory capacity but it doesn't say anything about that so again, I think Apple is just going to send out a replacement nano from someone that sent their nano in for replacement.

    Not complaining because they are fixing an issue but at the same time, they should find a way to allow us to keep our engraving. Considering that not many people still have a functioning 1gen nano, this could be a good faith gesture with positive PR results and the cost of doing all of this would really just amount to the cost of repairing any bad publicity that might come out of this if Apple choose not to do this.

    I'll still wish for a brand new replacementnt though. I'll take an 8gb in black please. :D
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    Here in the UK it has been reported in the Daily Mail that every iPod nano 1st generation that is returned and part of the program will be replaced with the new up to date model currently on the market.
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    The Daily Mail said it, well in that case it's almost certainly going to be a refurbished 1st Gen iPod, can't stand that terrible paper!!

    I've sent mine in as my 5 year old was using it and she likes her hands best when not on fire.

    My wife has already declared if a new model comes back it's hers for running and she'll need Nike shoes for Christmas and if it's a refurbished 1st gen our daughter gets it back and wife will need an iPod and Nike shoes for Christmas :(
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    Couldn't say it better myself. I am expecting the same model back, hence the 6-week turn around.
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    They said I would get a box within 2 business days. Today was the 3rd.
  17. mikehockenballs, Nov 17, 2011
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    I applied for the replacement and received my packaging fom Apple two days later.

    This is what I received:-







    and here is my iPod Nano:-



    I was a little confused as to which poly bag I should put my ipod in and send off, because the instructions do not mention two different poly bags.
    One of the poly bags looks like a standard Royal Mail bag with what I think is Apple's repair centre in the UK, the address is - 'Unipart Bay 22, Vulcan Point, Vulcan Way, Magna Park, Lutterworth, LE17 4XR.

    The other poly bag has that same standard address printed on it and also a white label which shows the address of - 'Applecare UK DC, Vulcan Point, Vulcan Way, Magna Park, Lutterworth, LE17 4XR, United Kingdom, it also shows the sender's address (My Home Address).

    So I contacted Applecare UK and asked the lady for guidance, she asked her supervisor and said there should not be two poly bags and to use the poly bag with the white label attached to it.

    I also asked her which model iPod Nano that I would receive but she did not know for sure but kind of hinted that if they did not have any refurbished 1st gen iPod Nano's ( because they do not make them anymore ) then they would most likely send out a 2nd generation iPod Nano.

    So I will wait for the replacement to arrive and post back with what I receive.

    Hope that helps!
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    My Nano crapped out over a year ago(battery?). I found it in my desk drawer and come to find out the top casing was split open from the metal bottom casing along the side of the ipod. I hope when Apple receives it, it will still qualify for replacement. Worth a shot
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    What caused the case to split open? Perhaps the battery "bulged" and caused the split. If so, I'd say that they should/would replace it.
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    I cant for the life of me remember what happened to it. I pulled it out of the silicone sleeve and found it split open. Maybe it was the battery? Just have to wait and see.
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    senting mine out




    will i be getting my one back in this condition,refurbished one or a beatup one with scratches on the back.cause i've kept my in pretiege condition with no scratches on the back and i do not want apple to sent me an scratched one back.
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    Yes, my iPod 1st Generation is in excellent shape with minimal scratches. I will be very upset if I receive a used one that is beaten up. I seriously doubt that Apple would send scratched up models back etc. That would not sound like Apple.

    If they will give us another ipod 1st generation, why don't they just update the one that we send them and send us our own back? Does not make sense.

    We paid a large sum of money when it came out. I am still thinking that they will send us a new updated one to us. That sounds more like Apple's style.

    But who knows now that Steve is gone...
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    Whoops...Just check another post.

    Looks like we get a refrubished 1st Generation 1pod.....:apple:
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    Reports have come in to various blogs that some replacement units have already been received and they are, in fact, 1st Generation Nanos that have been refurbed to like-new condition. No scratches, no dents. It's like a time warp. Serial numbers are different though, and, just like Apple said in the original email, custom engravings are not being reproduced.


    You get....

    1) 1st Gen Nano
    2) Refurbed / Like-new condition
    3) Identical specification (color, memory)
    4) Not your exact original unit (different serial #)
    5) No custom engravings
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    I submitted my request on 11/14 and still haven't recieved my return box yet. I thought I was supposed to receive the return box in like 3 business days. Anybody else still not receive their box yet?

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