1st Gen iPod Replacement - Why so long?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by covertsurfer, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I have sent my iPod Nano in and its in the status of Product replacement pending.

    What I don't get is why the 6 week wait?

    Is this to give them time to start producing new casings?
    If they are returning refurbished ones, are they taking them all apart and them polishing them up to be all shiny again?
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    I'd assume they have a small stockpile of pre-refurbished nanos but for the most part, they will take the nanos people send in, swap the battery, front and backs, and send them back out.
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    But where are they getting the front and backs from?

    Are they making new ones which is why it takes 6 weeks or is it simply they have the front and backs already but the sheer volume is why its taking so long?
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    It's probably a combination of both. I don't think people can comprehend how difficult this is for Apple. I don't think it will take 6 weeks though.
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    ha ha, I kind of want to reply with something like, "why is the sky blue?" They are giving us free replacements and they stated it would take 6 weeks from the time they receive the defective nano. That means I will have mine by the 29th of December. Just be patient.
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    Nano Gen 1 replacement question

    I requested a replacement Nano and my email response from Apple said
    "You will receive the return instructions for the original and shipping materials for you to use. Please don't use any other package, because if the original is damaged in shipping as a result of improper packaging"

    I've yet to receive this. It's been 18 days. What's up with that?
    Anyone else still waiting?
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    I'm still waiting... since Nov.14 :apple:
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    I'm also still waiting since Nov 13. Have you tried calling apple?
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    I'm still waiting since 12 November. Not going to call them since they did mention that it could take up to 6 weeks.
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    Apple ran out of boxes. They are sending out padded envelopes for some countries.
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    I've already sent mine it. It says "pending product replacement"
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    been waiting since nov 12. not even a box to send my phone in.

    Called Apple. They said it will take up to 90 business days for my box to come.

    4 different Apple reps said that.
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    Sent mine in when I received the box. Checked status and it said, "Pending". I hope they are actually sending back my original with new sidings if we are not getting new ones.

    I took care of mine and would not want someone else's who might have bang their's around. Though they will run diagnostics, this is why it has a 90 day afterwards I presume. Maybe they are refurbishing the actual one that we sent in and will send what we sent in back.

    This might be why it is taking so long...
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    No I haven't called Apple, I figure it will get here sooner or later.
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    Glad to see I'm not the only one waiting for my box. I signed up for the program through the site about 3 weeks ago.
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    I submitted a request the day the announcement came out. I got the box today.
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    Mines been a long time too, but you know what? So what. Heck, I'd prefer their actual cost to do all that back, a credit to the Apple store/itunes or whatever. With the advent of the iPhone etc, the pod, and especially the old nano doesn't have much meaning. Wouldn't mind a new one if I got it cheap to use as a cool watch :)
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    It took them 3.5 weeks after my initial request to ship my replacement box :mad:
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    This thread reminded me I also submitted a request on announcement day. :eek:

    I just checked the status of mine and it says the empty box was shipped yesterday.
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    Been that long for me and I still don't have the shipping materials.
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    Just received my box for my Nano 1Gen from UPS

    It took 31 days to receive my box from Apple via UPS. It just got picked up today from FedEx. Wonder how long before I get the replacement? Stay tuned.:)
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    It's been over six weeks and they have still not mailed me a box. I'm still stuck at "Step 1 | Request / November 12, 2011: Service requested"

    Any one else waiting this long for the box?
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    Dang I submitted my request on Saturday, and mine already says shipped empty box. I would call Apple....

    I expect the process to move quicker now that they decided to ship 6th gens as replacements.
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    I've been waiting exactly 6 weeks and a iPod Nano 6th Gen has turned up with 90 days warranty.

    I'm in the UK
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    I've been waiting about five. Hopefully I get mine soon. I have really missed my iPod. In UK too.

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